Big love is you.

If we are a group of fish, then the teacher is a pool of clear spring water, providing conditions for survival.
If we are a grass, then the teacher is a gentle sunshine, warm our hearts.
If we are an eagle, then the teacher is a cool spring breeze, holding up our dreams.
I thank the teachers who have paid too much for us and never asked for anything in return. This makes me believe the truth that the spring silkworm will die and the wax torch will turn into ash and tear to dry.
Similarly, our teacher Tian has also paid a lot for us. In general, the first wave of meals back to a small self-study. Whenever I come back, I will find that the teacher has been waiting for us in the classroom. Sometimes when I go to the office to turn in the computer and read the card, I find that the teacher is eating or going to the restaurant with the lunch bowl. I realize that the teacher has not eaten to stare at the small self-study.
Because the teacher teaches two classes, the classes are almost continuous, and sometimes they study by themselves, so the teacher often waits for the evening class before going to dinner. Students can see, can feel the teacher’s sense of responsibility and strong love for us.
I remember one time in math class, the teacher asked her to write down her opinions on a small note and give it to her. Some of them wrote that it was not easy to find a teacher to ask math questions. The teacher immediately responded to us and said, “Later, if you leave later, the students with questions can come to me and ask me.” Everyone was very happy to hear that, and felt that there were more opportunities for their own problems. Later I learned that the last bus at school was at 9 p.m. At 30, the teacher had to be at 10. Follow the director’s car at 30. After class, the teacher will send me today’s homework. Every time I see the teacher doing some questions or preparing lessons, but I don’t see the teacher playing with his mobile phone. In fact, there is no extra wage for overtime work, but only a bag of yogurt in the grade department. Does the teacher want this bag of yoghurt? The teacher just wants us to learn more knowledge and enter an ideal university in three years.
This is our teacher. She planted seeds on the three-inch platform with her own efforts. Teacher, I want to say to you: Thank you, you worked hard! We will succeed in 2019 and 2020.