100 million new crown patients

Now in front of the Chinese people is a very difficult and probably have to face up to the problem: how to improve the level of group immunity in the dance with the virus. We must wait until the epidemic situation in foreign countries has basically subsided and only cases have been distributed, and carefully open the door, then there will be no water gushing around. It is still possible to put out sporadic cases and small outbreaks in time.
At present, the new crown epidemic has been basically controlled in China. There are only dozens of new cases every day, mainly imported from abroad. Compared with the peak of more than 3000 cases confirmed in one day, it is calm. After all, these imported cases need to pass through the border and customs, which is easy to be found, tracked and controlled. It seems that this “mighty” epidemic has passed.
In fact, what happened in China in the past three months seems to be just the prelude to this century’s plague war.
On February 4, 3887 new cases were confirmed in China, a number that made the whole Chinese people uneasy, sweeping away the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year holiday. Outside of China, he qinghaiyan has only 159 patients. At that time, who would have thought that two months later, the East China Sea would be affected by the epidemic. On April 5, the total number of new crown patients in China totaled 82930, while the total number of cases outside China rose to 1118693. In the past 60 days outside China, the epidemic has spread at a rate of 16% per day. Even if it develops at this rate for another 60 days, the total number of new crown patients in the world will reach 100 million.
This is not sensationalism. If countries do not take positive and decisive measures, it will soon be a reality. Moreover, this is not the worst case, because the growth rate of 16% is mainly calculated based on the data of western developed countries, and the epidemic situation of developing countries has not been taken into account.
Studies have shown that the nucleic acid detection capacity of a country’s new coronavirus is positively related to its per capita GDP, that is, the poorer the country is, the lower the nucleic acid detection capacity. The study further shows that the number of confirmed new coronavirus infections per million people in a country is also positively correlated with the country’s per capita GDP, that is to say, the poorer the country is, the fewer the number of confirmed patients, and the same is the number of deaths.
These two relationships show that an important problem is not the resistance of poor countries to the new coronavirus, but their detection ability is not enough, many patients have not been found. For example, India is one in 100 of the detection capacity of the United States, and the cumulative number of cases in India is about one in 100 of the United States (4314 / 337933). India’s health emergency response capacity and disease control resources are far inferior to those of the United States. We have no reason to believe that the total number of cases in India is only one percent of that in the United States. On the surface, the developing countries are calm, but in fact, there are undercurrent surges.
In the new situation, the new coronavirus will not destroy human beings, nor will human beings. This virus will live in human beings. We can’t win. So, there is only one way between human and the new coronavirus, that is, and. Both sides must seek peaceful coexistence, and the virus does not know what peaceful coexistence is or what it seeks. Making peace must be done by people.