Pre school health guide to work

Today is the last day of the 51 holiday, and tomorrow will be devoted to the intense work and study. Beijing CDC released the health guide before going to work and school to remind citizens to do a good job in health regulation and health protection.

  1. Do a good job in health monitoring
    Pay close attention to the physical condition of yourself and your family, especially for friends with travel history. If you have fever, dry cough and other symptoms, you can wear a medical mask to the nearest fever clinic in time, and take the initiative to inform the doctor of travel history, contact history and isolation observation, so as to facilitate the timely investigation. Take the initiative to report your illness, travel history and contact history to the unit. Do not go to work with illness.
  2. Insist on wearing masks scientifically
    It is recommended to carry a mask with you and choose a suitable mask according to the scene of different people.
  3. Integrate all protective measures into daily life
    Pay attention to personal hygiene at any time, and form healthy habits such as frequent hand washing, frequent ventilation, no gathering, and pay attention to cough etiquette. If it is difficult to wash hands when going out, you can carry hands free disinfectant. When dining out, you should go to a regular restaurant with a hygiene license and keep a distance of more than 1 meter from other people. During the restaurant, minimize public facilities, perform serving of individual dishes and prepare chopsticks.
  4. Ensure adequate sleep
    Studies have found that people who sleep late and lack sleep have poor willpower and are more likely to feel tired. Arrange work and rest reasonably, go to bed early and get up early, try not to sleep late. A nap at noon can reduce daytime sleepiness. Set an alarm clock the night before going to work after the festival to set aside enough working time.
  5. Moderate exercise
    After the festival, exercise should be increased moderately to avoid weight gain, excessive exercise and fatigue. Exercise is not about how well you plan, it’s about persistence, it’s about habits. Try to choose an open place at home or outdoors for exercise and keep interpersonal distance with others.
  6. Diet regulation is also important
    Pay attention to food hygiene, gradually adjust eating habits, try to eat less greasy food, eat more coarse grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and foods rich in protein and vitamins. Cooking less salt, eating time and quantity, can also appropriately reduce the amount of meal, to their stomach and intestines also “a holiday.”.
  7. Do more emotional regulation
    A few days before you start to work, you must take care of yourself early and let your mood recover. At the same time, try to reduce going out and avoid staying up late. You can choose to listen to soothing music, or read books, bask in the sun, and keep your body and mind happy.
  8. Senior and junior high school students prepare in advance
    Self health monitoring. Parents and children take their own body temperature. If there are fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms, do not go to school. See a doctor or observe at home depending on the condition, and report to the head teacher in time.
    Material preparation. Prepare disposable medical masks or surgical masks, hands-free disinfectants or disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves, paper towels, etc., and learn to use them correctly.
    Parents should help their children form the habit of washing hands, wearing masks, coughing, sneezing and covering their mouths and noses. Reasonably arrange daily life, strengthen physical exercise, gradually return to the work and rest rules at school, reasonably choose snacks, and maintain a healthy weight.