Laundry workers or infected by clothes

On May 12th, novel coronavirus pneumonia incident occurred in 1 Shulan workers in Jilin Province, 15. On the evening of May 11, in the CCTV news 1 + 1 program, when Bai Yansong connected Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, Wu Zunyou replied that whether the laundryman of the first case diagnosed by Shulan Municipal Public Security Bureau was the source of the clustering case or not has not been determined yet.
Since May 7, there have been 15 newly confirmed cases in Shulan City, Jilin Province; on May 10, there has been one newly confirmed case in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, which arrived in Shenyang by high-speed rail from Jilin City on May 5; since May 9, there have been 6 newly confirmed cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, all from the same community. What do you think of these new local cases? How to implement the normalization prevention and control of epidemic situation? “News 1 + 1” Bai Yansong connected with Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, to interpret it for you.
Wu Zunyou: this situation is expected. When we first made the “news 1 + 1” connection on January 30, I told you that the tailing would be quite long. Now it has also been confirmed that the tailing is quite long. When we see sporadic case reports every day, especially positive test reports, we know sporadic cases will occur. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common disease. When we have zero cases, there is no new case reported in the 2003 when there is zero cases and double clearance. Many people keep the history or experience of SARS in mind. When the new crown pneumonia appears “zero”, we hope to be like SARS. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is far more complicated than SARS. Our knowledge about it is still very limited. From its transmission mode, the difficulty of prevention and control and the clinical manifestations, it is much more complicated and much more difficult than SARS, which has further improved our knowledge of it.

  1. Is Jilin Shulan’s first confirmed laundry worker the source?
    Wu Zunyou: after the outbreak of the cluster epidemic, the epidemiological investigation tries to find the source. It is really difficult to find the source. Yesterday, China CDC also sent professionals to Shulan to assist in the investigation. According to the current situation, it is not easy to judge whether the first patient diagnosed is the source patient. This female comrade is a laundryman. At present, it is speculated that she may be the source of the epidemic, but there is another possibility that there is a real source that has not been found, which may be the main source of the spread. These need more epidemiological investigation or biological means to analyze and speculate. Another possibility is that the incubation period of some patients may be longer than that of the laundryman, and he may have infected the laundryman. However, the incubation period of the laundryman is relatively short, which may take two or three days to get sick, while the real source patient may be infected, and it will take seven or eight days to get sick. The incubation period is infectious. If this is the case, it is very difficult to judge who passed it on to whom.
  2. Is the confirmed case of Jilin Shulan related to the entry of Russian patients?
    Wu Zunyou: what we need to do immediately is to analyze the gene sequence of the virus of this group of patients with clustering cases and the virus of patients entering from Russia to see their homology. If the homology is very consistent, it can be inferred that it is related to the cases entering Russia and how the specific relationship occurs. At present, it is not easy to determine.
  3. Jilin Shulan confirmed that laundry workers were infected by clothes, is it possible?
    Wu Zunyou: a few days ago, there was a research report about the virus content in the air. The researchers sampled the air in the ward of the hospital patients, the semi polluted area where the doctor changed the isolation suit, and the air in the clean area. They found that the virus content in the air was higher in the room where the medical staff changed the isolation suit. That is to say, if the medical staff were in the ward Inside, his clothes may be contaminated with virus. During the removal process, the virus content in the air is higher. So does this also indicate that there is a similar situation in Shulan’s clustering cases? These also provide us with a new way of thinking.
    Bai Yansong: there is a folk saying that the case confirmed in Shulan now is the laundryman of the Public Security Bureau, which is from April 8 to 30, involving the receiver (Russian entry personnel). Is it possible that the laundryman may be infected in the process of washing the clothes of the public security receiver?
    Wu Zunyou: it’s possible.
    The confirmed cases from Jilin to Shenyang suggest that protective measures must be taken when taking the closed transportation
    Wu Zunyou: in the course of travel, we are likely to encounter infected patients, or patients in the incubation period. It also reminds us that we should adhere to the protective measures in the traffic tight environment. For such a case, there will be many infected persons along the way. At the same time, it also reminds us that it is very difficult for us to fully investigate the close contacts. There may be missed close contacts, and the missed close contacts, if they are infected or ill, will cause new clustered epidemic.
    Normal epidemic prevention does not mean that there is no epidemic, and daily protective measures must be taken
    Wu Zunyou: you may have different understandings about normalization. Many people understand that normalization is not an epidemic? Is it possible to novel coronavirus pneumonia before it happens?