The court accepts Sun Yang’s appeal

Silence for 72 days! Sun Yang’s appeal has been accepted. Will there be any miracle when he decides his destiny is coming
Match point 2020-05-13 19:22
Beijing time, May 13, according to domestic reporters from the Swiss Supreme Court, Sun Yang’s appeal has been officially accepted. The file number is “4a_ / 2020”, but the details of the case are still in a “sealed” state.
75 days ago, Sun Yang was banned by CAS for 8 years. In the past 72 days, Sun Yang did not make a sound. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the appeal time of Sun Yang’s case was postponed. On May 4, this year, according to swimming world magazine, Sun Yang has appealed to Switzerland (April 28), opposing the eight-year ban imposed on him by CAS!
At that time, swimming world only revealed that Sun Yang’s case had a number, but the relevant details of the case are still in a “sealed” state, and there is no schedule for the hearing of the appeal. Now, the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation has gradually resumed normal judicial operation from May 11 Local time, and Sun Yang’s case will soon have a final result.
For Sun Yang, the appeal is extremely important, but the difficulty is not small, because Sun Yang’s appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court can only be based on the following five reasons:
1、 The appointment of the sole arbitrator or the composition of the arbitral tribunal is against the rules;
2、 Whether the arbitral tribunal has wrongly determined its own jurisdiction;
3、 The arbitration tribunal overrules or neglects to award;
4、 Violating the basic principles of procedure;
5、 The ruling is against Swiss public policy.
Before that, Darren Kane, executive chairman of fina Law Committee, made it clear that Sun Yang had little chance to succeed in appealing. In a domestic program, lawyer Cai Guo once said that Sun Yang could not participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was basically a final conclusion. I don’t think there is any chance. Jeffery, the CAS arbitrator, also said that the past failure rate of revoking CAS Awards was 96% and 97%.
Sun Yang’s ultimate test has come, which will determine Sun Yang’s fate. Is there any miracle? We can only wish Sun Yang good luck!