The first snail powder industry college

The college will enroll 500 students this year. Snail powder industry college will set up 7 high-level characteristic majors, formulate curriculum standards and training materials, and build a team of teachers. In 2019, the net red gourmet snail powder has created an output value of 7 billion + for Liuzhou.
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Chinese overseas students are fined for eating snail powder. Their neighbors suspect that they have biological and chemical weapons in their home
On November 25, 2019, according to the media, the smooth rice noodles, beancurd and sour bamboo shoots, and a spoonful of spicy soup Is this bowl of snail powder sour enough?
However, a Chinese student studying in Italy got into big trouble because of snail powder.
At that time, the student was cooking snail powder in his residence, which gave off an indescribable taste. Italian neighbors suspected that he had biological and chemical weapons in his home, so they called the police.
Then the police found the student who was eating snail powder in Meizizi, fined 40 euros and warned him not to cook it at home.
In fact, in Italy, “olfactory harassment” is an illegal act. If the party is convicted of “olfactory harassment”, he will be fined 1000 euro to 1500 euro and ordered to install a range hood.
Chinese netizens have expressed their puzzlement. It’s so delicious on earth. How could foreigners become “biochemical weapons”.
Snail powder is a special kind of rice powder in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. The soup is made by stewing the snail. In addition, sour bamboo shoots, peanuts, fried beancurd, yellow broccoli, dried radish, fresh vegetables and other ingredients have the unique flavor of spicy, refreshing, fresh, sour and hot. The pickled and fermented sour bamboo shoots are the “soul” of snail powder.
China make complaints about the smell of the snail powder. Many of the little brother in China studying in Kenya once told me that he had a snail powder on his Chinese roommate’s point in social media.
Kenya’s little brother wrote in his circle of friends, saying that he had a “strange roommate” on the stall and always liked to place an order for snail powder on the platform outside. “In my country, I have never smelled such smelly food! If my girlfriend smells this, she will break up with me! “
When we see similar news, most of us will hold a joking attitude. But if you are overseas, or you have friends who are hard to accept snail powder. When enjoying the delicious snail powder, we should respect others’ preferences and eating habits and try not to disturb others.
These “crooked nuts” are also fond of abetting powder
Snail powder, like stinky tofu, stinky mandarin fish, tofu milk and other “Stinky and fragrant” traditional Chinese food, makes crooked nuts love and hate. There is a wave of foreigners who can not only understand the delicacy of snail powder, but also are keen on eating it.
Korean race to apply for world heritage for snail powder
There are even South Korean friends rushing to apply for the world heritage of snail powder. A South Korean netizen once expressed his personal opinion on the Internet: “although eating snail powder for the first time, this feeling is very familiar. The taste is very similar to Korean ramen. After careful tasting, there is a sour and sweet taste of kimchi. It’s just the traditional taste of our South Korea. I really want to apply for the world heritage of snail powder.”
This point of view caused a heated discussion among Chinese and South Korean netizens on the Internet for a while. The official response of Liuzhou, the birthplace of snail powder, was to thank overseas friends for their concern. Now, snail powder is Guangxi intangible cultural heritage and is gradually applying for national and world-class intangible cultural heritage.
The mayor of England also likes to eat snail powder
In January 2016, the British mayor’s delegation to China visited Guangxi. After hearing the introduction of the snack Liuzhou snail powder, he went to Liuzhou to taste it.
On the same day, two mayors of Brighton and pishavin, UK, took their families to eat snail powder in the snack bar of weizhifang in Liuzhou. Wayne Bodin, mayor of Brighton, soon wiped out a bowl of snail powder and almost finished his soup. “This is the most delicious noodles I have ever eaten, especially the snails in it.”
Cambodian Chinese open snail powder shop
Cambodian Chinese lady Huang opened a Chinese restaurant in Phnom Penh in 2017 to sell Guangxi snail powder. Ms. Huang was born in Liuzhou, Guangxi. She was very familiar with snail powder since childhood, and the powder she made was very authentic.
I didn’t expect that the shop was very popular with Cambodian locals after opening. The daily supply of flour was in short supply, and the monthly income of the shop also reached thousands of dollars.
The counter attack road from street stall to global netred
Today, snail powder has been turned into “online Red snacks” from roadside stalls, which not only spread all over China, but also opened stores overseas.
According to reports, snail powder has already had physical stores in the United States. The store, which is located in flushing food Square in New York, opened in 2017. The price of a piece of snail powder and coke is $11, and the average daily sales of snail powder is 600 bowls.
However, the influence of the store is limited after all, and it is difficult to meet the needs of more customers. Manufacturers in Liuzhou, Guangxi have launched prepackaged snail powder since 2014.
According to a brand manager of snail powder in Liuzhou, in 2017 alone, 350000 packages of snail powder were exported to the United States in batches and sold at a price of about $4 per package in the local supermarket.
According to the latest data released by Nanning customs in April this year, since the first export of Liuzhou snail powder through foreign trade in 2017, 20 batches, 89.7 tons and 345000 US dollars worth of snail powder have been exported through inspection and Quarantine of Liuzhou customs, mainly to the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries.
Now, every package of snail powder sold on the shelves of Chinese supermarkets and through the Internet has also given overseas Chinese a taste of their hometown and a sense of nostalgia.