3-4 eggs a day

What do you eat in isolation? How can children not wear masks in school? Can I eat while flying? Zhang Wenhong answers one by one.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia China joint video conference novel coronavirus pneumonia and Shanghai health care committee was jointly organized by the Chinese Consulate General in Belfast on the afternoon of May 28th. The leader of the Shanghai new crown pneumonia medical treatment team leader and Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of infectious diseases department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University were invited to exchange with the Chinese funded enterprises, overseas Chinese and overseas students in Northern Ireland, and answered the questions. Confused.
Zhang Meifang, Consul General in Belfast, asked that some overseas Chinese in Northern Ireland were confused:
Is it necessary to drink traditional Chinese medicine to prevent the new coronavirus in the cold and humid UK? What foods can prevent the new coronavirus?
Zhang Wenhong said that it is true that in the new crown epidemic in China, the confirmed infected patients have been treated together with traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and the curative effect is very good. The combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine has also become the normal treatment of the new crown in China. But up to now, no medicine can prevent you from getting sick, and no food can prevent you from getting sick.
Zhang Wenhong stressed that social distance is still the first and the most important means of prevention and control is to extend social distance. The most dangerous behavior is to speak without masks at close range. Most of the virus infection is through close contact. Wearing a mask is the best way to extend social distance. At the same time, it is very necessary to strengthen diet and exercise.
In Northern Ireland, patients with mild illness can only be isolated at home, and only those with severe illness can be hospitalized. So how is home isolation treated? What are the dietary taboos?
Zhang Wenhong said that the most important thing for patients with mild illness is to do a good job in isolation and not infect their families. And to take in enough water, vitamin C and nutrition.
“One of the main prescriptions of our Shanghai hospital for the treatment of confirmed cases is to eat 3-4 eggs a day, which is included in our prescriptions. If you don’t have enough eggs, you can use meat and fish instead. In addition, ensure adequate intake of nutrition, drinking water, etc. If you can walk, you can still breathe in the open yard. ” He suggested.
On the details of disinfection and wearing masks, Zhang said that in general, the risk of infection caused by shoes, coats, etc. is very low. However, in the areas with high incidence of the epidemic, it is recommended to separate the coat area and indoor area at home as much as possible. It is not recommended to take the coat to the indoor area, so there is no risk. Shoes don’t need to be disinfected.
The UK is also about to return to school. What should we do if it is inconvenient for children to wear masks at school?
Zhang Wenhong said that children’s nature is to play, and the biggest risk is close contact. We can take this opportunity to educate children, read good books, and reduce close contact activities. The first thing to do when you come back is to wash your hands for children.
If overseas Chinese want to go back to China by plane, how can they drink and eat on the plane safely?
Zhang Wenhong said that in some public places such as airplanes, we must drink water and eat. “The point is that you and the people next to you don’t drink and eat at the same time. If you see him wearing a mask, you should drink water and eat as soon as possible; if he eats, you should wear a mask as soon as possible. ” He said that many people wear protective clothing on airplanes and don’t eat or drink for more than ten hours. Once they are infected with the virus, they are at great risk of becoming seriously ill. Be sure to eat nutritious food instead of instant noodles. He suggested that you should eat and drink enough before you get on the plane, wear a mask to sleep when you get on the plane, replenish energy to eat immediately after you wake up, and then go to sleep after you finish eating. So wake up to the motherland.
How to do personal protection during the flight and keep breathing normal?
Zhang Wenhong said, “don’t be too afraid when you take a chance.”. The minimum protection standard for flying is to wear a surgical mask or N95 mask. You don’t need to wear protective clothing or goggles at all. Wash your hands after eating. “If you see that the person next to you is wearing a mask with a valve, you should pay attention to that the mask with a valve is equivalent to blowing out the exhaled air. At this time, you should treat him as if he did not wear a mask.”