Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong

It’s June,
In the face of the epidemic,
What should we do next?
Yesterday, two Weibo topics attracted attention!
One is good news,
And the other one needs to be vigilant!
Zhong Nanshan: China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is lowest in the world.
In an interview with CCTV on May 30, academician Zhong Nanshan said that due to China’s correct epidemic prevention strategy, China’s morbidity and mortality rate are the lowest in the world.
Zhong said that scientific and technological work played an important role in the whole anti epidemic process. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new disease. The infection and pathogeny are not clear. How to diagnose, treat and prevent it is new. This requires the creativity of scientific and technological workers.
Zhong Nanshan said that in the face of acute and sudden infectious diseases, early prevention is very important. In the early stage, China adopted the correct strategy of centralized containment at the epicenter and joint prevention and control outside the earthquake.
“So far, according to the average population of 100000, China has the lowest morbidity and mortality rate in the world.”
The novel coronavirus has been discovered by scientists in many ways, such as the source and route of transmission, Zhong Nanshan said. The virus sequence was isolated in early January and made available to the world health organization so that it can be shared around the world so that vaccine preparation can begin. “
China published the novel coronavirus pneumonia account for nearly 1 / 3 of the world’s total.
Zhong Nanshan said that scientists have summarized and analyzed many studies and published articles. China published 2151 novel coronavirus pneumonia articles in the more famous magazines as of May 10th, and 650 published in China, accounting for almost 1 / 3, and many of them were published in top journals. These articles provide a very good experience to guide the world how to prevent and control the epidemic. “So we have written our papers not only on the earth of our motherland, but also on the earth of our earth.”
Chinese medicine novel coronavirus pneumonia is recognized by the international academic community.
Zhong Nanshan said that in terms of scientific research, China has developed an animal model in the early stage, which is also the first in the world. It provides an important reference for the research and development of some drugs, even for the new use of old drugs. “In terms of treatment, we should say and do a good job. According to President Xi, we should treat every patient as much as we can, and we should take care of every patient.”
At the same time, in order to prevent patients from developing into critical illness, China has adopted many methods, and some traditional Chinese medicine has played a good role. One or two of them have been recognized by the international academic community, which is also very helpful for traditional Chinese medicine to go to the world.
China’s vaccine research progress is in the first echelon of the world
When talking about the new coronavirus vaccine, Zhong Nanshan said that China’s vaccine research progress is the first echelon in the world. “So far, we have five vaccines in phase II clinical trials, so we will not lag behind other countries. In general, vaccines are one of the most important methods of group immunization. “
Zhang Wenhong: the second epidemic in autumn and winter is certain
With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, universities and primary and secondary schools across the country began to resume their studies. Among them, candidates preparing for the 2020 national college entrance examination, especially the hearts of all sectors of society.
How to prevent epidemic after students return to school? Do the students who are preparing for the college entrance examination need to make up? What problems should be considered before applying for medical major? In May 31st, novel coronavirus pneumonia was first affiliated to Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, director of Department of infectious diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Fudan University, and Professor Zhang Wenhong, head of medical treatment expert group of Shanghai new crown pneumonia, who answered questions for teachers and students.
What does the school do? One policy of family school cooperation for epidemic prevention
Why are schools starting to resume all over the country? Zhang explained that the confidence of returning to school comes from the first stage of returning to work and production. After the resumption of production in the first stage, the whole epidemic situation was well controlled. Today, the prevention and control system is relatively orderly, and no rebound of the epidemic situation is seen. So this is the time for us to go back to school.
The biggest challenge for returning to school is to put an end to campus communication. “So first of all, we need to know how the school spread it, basically because a student brought a virus from home. Therefore, first of all, parents should do a good job in their own epidemic prevention work, do a good job in the cooperation between home and school. If the family does not do well, it will bring the virus to the school. ” Zhang Wenhong said.
What should schools do on the basis of good family epidemic prevention? Zhang Wenhong pointed out that the desks should be kept at a distance of one meter as much as possible, so that the classroom is always ventilated and everyone wears masks when they gather. In this case, even if there is a case, but because we have taken good protective measures, desk one meter, frequent hand washing, wearing masks, ventilation, to avoid the spread of droplets.
In view of the limited conditions of some schools, which can’t make the desks one meter apart, Zhang Wenhong suggested that we can do it according to our own conditions, and do a good job in one school and one policy, without an absolute standard. For example, the farther the desks are separated, the better. But if they can’t, each school should consider it. If they can’t, they can relax in this strategy and use other strategies to make up for it.
What do parents worry about? Don’t panic about the second outbreak in autumn and winter
Some parents are worried about whether there will be a second wave of epidemic in autumn and winter. Zhang Wenhong responded: “the second wave of epidemic in autumn and winter is certain, because the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still relatively serious, and