Reminder from the Embassy in Japan

Recently, some Chinese citizens from Europe and the United States were detained or repatriated to the place of departure due to the failure to confirm the ticket information or the entry restrictions of the third country (region) in advance when they returned from Japan or from Japan. In particular, the Chinese Embassy in Japan reminded Chinese citizens to carefully choose to transit through Japan in the near future so as not to block the trip.
1、 Please be sure to know the transit policy of the transit place involved in the itinerary in advance, and ask the carrier airlines of each segment for the requirements of connecting ticket, baggage direct hanging, boarding, etc. Please pay attention to the latest Japanese immigration policy issued by the Embassy website and the official account of WeChat.
2、 Restricted by Japan’s current entry policy, China Japan round-trip flights can only land at Tokyo Narita airport or Osaka Kansai International Airport. If the next flight needs to enter Japan (such as changing the terminal, picking up luggage, staying at the airport, etc.), it cannot be transferred.
3、 At present, all airlines adopt direct selling mode for international air tickets. Please purchase air tickets through airline customer service center, official website, mobile app and other channels. Please do not purchase tickets through non-official channels such as “ticket agent” on the Internet, and do not trust any non-official so-called “charter” information, so as not to affect the itinerary due to the purchase of fake tickets.
4、 Transfer personnel from countries that need to fill in the “International Health Code” shall ensure that the “Health Code” meets the boarding requirements. Passengers who fail to fill in the form as required will not be able to board the plane. Filling in false information may cause travel obstruction and shall bear legal liability.
Business telephone of Chinese Embassy in Japan: 03-3403-3065 / 3064 / 5633.
Email: 。
The global consular protection and services emergency call center of the Ministry of foreign affairs calls for 24 hours at + 86-10-12308 or + 86-10-59913991.