It is recommended not to get pregnant within 2 years

At present, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in many countries around the world. Due to the imperfection of the health system in Papua New Guinea (GB), the pregnant women in China are not able to receive timely treatment after the infection of the new crown virus. Therefore, the new health experts suggest that the women do not have to be pregnant within two years until the outbreak is over. The analysis indicated that although PNG has escaped the most serious period of the global new epidemic, the threat of infection still exists.
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, Mora, Professor of Obstetrics and gynecology at the University of New Guinea, Papua, July 2nd, the British Guardian reported July 2nd that many hospitals were excluded from pregnant women due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, so they could not go to the clinic or hospital for prenatal examination before delivery, which had resulted in at least one infant died.
Mora gave a real example. Mary (not her real name) was 20 years old. She lost her child and lost her sight after being repeatedly refused treatment during the epidemic blockade. Mary had been waiting for a doctor at the antenatal clinic many times, but she was repeatedly told that “we have been forced to close down.”.
“It’s clear that Mary has been suffering from preeclampsia (epilepsy caused by toxemia of pregnancy) for four weeks, with complications, which have damaged her eye channels and brain.” Said Mora.
According to the June issue of ABC News, more women died of obstetric complications than of the disease itself during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone from 2014 to 2016, according to data from the NGO care. “Because of the shortage of medical services during the outbreak, pregnant women avoid going to hospitals, which makes the situation worse.”
The novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in ABC News are still low, but the outbreak of the new outbreak may be more severe in the future. “The health system of the new government has no ability to treat women with eclampsia complications during pregnancy,” he said.
Many medical experts believe novel coronavirus pneumonia may be harmful to the health of the PAH people because of the suspension of some new medical services. Therefore, the Ministry of health of New Zealand should continue to play a strong leading role in providing “routine health services”.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported on 2 July, 2 (CNN). 11 cases of new crown pneumonia cases were confirmed, and no one died of illness. Third of them came from Murray military camp in Moresby, capital of the capital, and the camp has been blocked. CNN Although novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have not been reported in the past week, health experts are still trying to find out whether there are any unreported cases in the country.