691 points Xueba moves bricks in summer

Recently, a “Xueba” boy who was admitted to Tsinghua University, worked in the construction site to move bricks during the summer vacation, which moved netizens very much
On July 22, 2020
Zhao guining, No.1 Middle School in Muling City, Heilongjiang Province, scored 691 points in the college entrance examination and was admitted by Tsinghua University.
Zhao said he had been working hard for three years in high school
“Because there are many people who are better than themselves
You have to keep improving your score
Speak with strength “
In order not to add burden to parents
After the college entrance examination
Zhao guining went to a construction site to work
He said his home is in the countryside
It’s not easy for parents to get older
Hope to come out of work study program
Lighten the burden of parents by their own actions
The person in charge of the construction site learned that Zhao guining was admitted to Tsinghua University
Also said very happy
Decided to give it to him every day
Increase 50 yuan as encouragement
“Give him 50 yuan more every day
Arrange for him to do what he can
It’s also a support for children. “
unremitting self-improvement!
Zhao guining, come on!
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Netizen: he is really excellent!