A Dream of Lotus along the Way

Somehow, I suddenly remembered the road, the tortuous cement road, one tied to the home, one tied to the school.
There are many ponds on both sides of the road, some of which are planted with rice, but only a few, and the rest are lotus ponds. Ride a bicycle, carry a small schoolbag, wear a school uniform, to and fro on this road.
There were not many pedestrians on the road, or maybe it was because I started at six in the morning. In spring, both sides of the road have become green, but there is no movement in the lotus pond. “Half an acre of square pond is opened and the sky is full of clouds and shadows.” Boring water really can not let me do too much nostalgia, so on the road to enjoy the “wet apricot blossom rain, blowing cold willow breeze” comfortable. There is a very high slope on the road. The bicycle can’t step on it. It just pushes up slowly. Looking down from the top of the slope, a large area of pond is reflected in the eyes. It is clear and transparent like crystal.
The footsteps of summer moved gently and quietly, and the summer wind woke up the little lotus seeds in the mud, and they rushed to spread the first leaf on the water surface, embellishing the pond with a lot of green. The wheels rustled on the cement road, like a long decree. If you stop to look carefully, you can also find the fish in the water, a flick of the tail, instantly disappeared.
In less than a week, the pond will be quite different. “At the beginning of the paste, the purple clouds turned over and suddenly stood astonished beside the appendix.” Many lotus leaves grow out of the water, swaying with the wind, like a green bay. At this time, the lotus leaves are not many, nor large, and the color is also slightly green. Sparse lotus leaves cast a phantom in the sunset, like sticking to the surface of the water, like a potential bottom. Little fish swim happily, and the cool water soaks into the sweet heart.
In midsummer, the lotus leaves become dense and invisible. Green wrapped in midsummer, was blown by the wind a cool. I was very upset to go to school in the sun. I couldn’t help slowing down and enjoying the gift of nature when I passed the lotus pond.
Within a few days, the lotus took the lead of the lotus leaf. “Tingmei, Ling Bobuyan out of the bath.” Yes, the lotus flowers are higher than the lotus leaves. They blossom wantonly and sprinkle their beauty. Pink, light white, bright red… The colours are different. There are several threads of goose yellow in the middle. When the wind blows, the people who blow are intoxicated. Climbing up the hill, looking down, a large lotus panoramic view, this field of vision is full of surprises, rush downhill, flowers also forward, giving people inexplicable pleasure.
Rain lotus is a rare sight. Holding a small umbrella, walking on the way to school, suddenly saw the hazy rain lotus. Walking into the lotus, the lotus shrank shyly, with a few drops of rain on its tip. But lotus leaf is not afraid of rain, a rain like a happy pearl, jumping happily, really want to make a bed lotus leaf, into a rain drop, sleep comfortably on the lotus leaf. Close your eyes and listen quietly to the rain beating lotus leaves, playing a lingering sound. At last, the lotus leaves could not hold up. They mischievously tilted their heads and made a “crash” sound. A large area of water kissed the pond and threw itself into its embrace.
Rain and lotus are rare, and the moonlight in the lotus pond is even more precious. I had the privilege to witness this natural gift when I asked for leave to go home after self-study next night. There is no street lamp in the section between the slope and the pond. What illuminates the road is a bright white night light. From the slopes, I could see a silver sheet in the water, and walked in quietly. I found that most of the lotus leaves rolled up, and the lotus flowers closed quietly. There were also a few plants still smiling in the moonlight. Near the shore, a tender lotus blossoms only a little, but it is not inferior to coquettish. Draw a moonlight, make a dress for yourself, find a sparkling insect, insert it on the tip of your hair, attract a fish, and mix it with spray at your feet… This little lotus is so lovely! Next to it, a few lotus leaves are shyly rolled up, it is impossible to compete with it for elegance!
The lotus in early autumn is still quite durable. “A cloud of autumn, a little clouds, very lotus leaves, five flowers.” At this time, I do not care about lotus, because this is the time when “delicious food goes all over the tip of the tongue and drinks three thousand swill water alone”. There are rare delicacies in lotus pond, lotus seeds can cook rice or stew soup; lotus leaves can be dried to make tea, light and elegant; touch a lotus root, salad, stir-fried can be. The most delicious, when it is the rice flower fish at this time, there is the fragrance of lotus in the fat body, and a few lines of rice fragrance, “Oil flowers in the sky, into the stomach for thousands of years.”
Late autumn, the trend of residual lotus, “a leaf of green lotus frost cut, earning him autumn rain can not bead.” The withered and yellow lotus stalks, the leaves curl up and the flowers fade away. Autumn rain, rhyme feet are distinct light pain. Under the frost, a pale white, instantly steamed by the sun…
In winter, the remnants of lotus stalks are frozen solid, a piece of snow buried their remnants, sleeping under the ice lotus seeds, I wish you a good dream…
Now it is late autumn, lotus should be withering, that road is okay? Alas, since I left, I have never returned. Who is nostalgia? A touch of lotus pond, a touch of fragrance, a dream recall a dream of sadness, only left me a way Lotus a dream fragrance…