US team sends a letter to trump

Netease Entertainment reported on October 6, in the early morning of October 6, trump posted an article on his personal social networking website saying that he had been discharged from hospital after infection, and felt particularly good. Let’s not be afraid of the new crown. Then Chris Evans of the U.S. team forwarded: “do you want people not to be afraid of the new championship? You have the best doctors and the best medicines. Do you think people can get the same treatment? It’s not that you don’t know, you just don’t care! “
It is reported that on October 2, U.S. President trump issued an article saying that he and the first lady tested positive for their new crowns, which triggered heated discussions. According to the guardian, if Trump’s illness worsens and he can no longer perform his duties, vice president burns will replace him. If burns is also infected and unable to perform his duties, he will be replaced by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Trump tweeted on the night of October 1 local time that he and his wife had tested positive for the new coronavirus and said they would start isolation procedures. “Tonight, Melania and I tested positive for the new crown,” trump wrote. We will begin our isolation and rehabilitation process immediately. We’ll get through it together But trump did not say how long he would isolate himself, and the CDC’s recommendation is 14 days. The associated press said it was not clear what Trump’s quarantine measures meant.
A few minutes before his tweet, the White House released a presidential agenda for the 2nd. Plans show he will hold a fundraising event at the Washington Hotel and a political rally in Sanford, Florida.
According to the original plan, Trump’s team will hold a canvassing event in Florida on Friday local time, and his schedule is still full. On Saturday, trump also plans to travel to Wisconsin to continue his activities. Now trump is diagnosed, which means he may miss the next campaign and even affect the second US election debate on October 15.