I am a scarecrow

Winter is coming. Every night is my hardest time. It’s very cold around here.
I have never seen any other scarecrow in this village, where a large area of rice fields is under my own care. After all, the price of a scarecrow is very expensive for people here, and no family is willing to pay an extra fee. I remember that the head of the village went door to door to raise the cost of a scarecrow, but a scarecrow couldn’t manage the whole field well. Maybe it’s because the small animals in this place are relatively safe. I’m very unpopular in the village. I don’t know where people value money so much. My body is made up of weak and inferior straw. The only good thing is the straw hat on my head. It’s tighter than anywhere else, at least better than nothing else.
This straw hat is still very useful. Sometimes birds will stand on my straw hat and sing, so that I will not be too lonely, although it does not know what is under the straw hat. Look at today’s weather, the birds should not come, I have heard the sound of ticking on the ground. Although this straw hat does not leak water, it can’t keep out the wind below. Every gust of wind hangs on me, some of the grass branches fall off.
A little mouse came out from me. First, it put its head out and looked left and right to make sure there was no wet mark in the vicinity. Its goal is straw that falls off me. These are just soft grass. It’s very comfortable for this small animal to lay soft straw in its cave. He held the straw in his arms and stopped just after a few steps and looked back at me. I smiled at him and signaled that he could take it away. Instead of going, he sat down in situ. The hole he had just come to had been blocked by rain. If he dug another hole, he would hurt the rice nearby. It looked at me again, meaning it wanted to stay out of the rain. I also promised that it would not be a bad thing to help a kind little animal, so that it would not be very cold.
When I woke up, it was sunny, and I could hardly hear the playful voice of children in my ears. How can this be possible? Even those adults who need to do farm work will not look at me, and children will not…
“Hello, Mr. Scarecrow, can we see your straw hat?”
I’ve never heard such a sweet voice before. A little girl was smiling at me. I couldn’t even believe my eyes.
“The Scarecrow can’t talk. What’s the use of telling him?” A little boy said, trying to climb up behind me, “Look, I’ll take off my straw hat.”
“No, we haven’t had the consent of the Scarecrow yet.”
The little boy had climbed onto my back and it took him a lot of effort to reach my straw hat. Even such children like to show themselves so much? I had intended to shake him down deliberately, but he had fallen down foolishly. It doesn’t matter, kid. I can’t blame him. I caught his pants in time so that he didn’t fall into the field that had just rained and get mud all over. But what about his straw hat? I didn’t know where to throw it because I was afraid. The little boy ran away crying, and the little girl had to follow him back.
I’ve lost my most valuable possession.
Why does it rain so often this winter? This bird won’t come. It will see me. The little mouse will not come. The straw that fell from me has been wet by the rain. There is no shelter around it. I hope the straw that I lent to him last time can be used for a while. Rain runs down from every strand of straw. It’s still so cold, but without straw hat, it’s not suitable.
A peasant-like man came running to me from a distance, probably when he was planting his fields, it suddenly began to rain. But I’m sorry, I don’t have a straw hat to keep you out of the rain. He ran to me, stopped, looked at me for a moment, and the rain ran across his bronze face. I couldn’t see his expression clearly.
“What a useless scarecrow.”
The words in the air are drifting, which is the sound that the rain can’t wash away. Yeah, the most valuable thing on me is gone.
The rain didn’t mean to stop at all. I closed my eyes. Will the scarecrow weep, maybe, maybe not. But when the scarecrow gets wet, his heart gets wet.
“Mr. Scarecrow, I’ve got your straw hat for you.”
I opened my eyes and the little girl stood panting in front of me with a straw hat covered with mud in her hand.
“Don’t cry, Mr. Scarecrow. It must be very cold after such a long rain. I’m also very cold, but I can go home and cover my quilt. Let me help you put on your straw hat.” The little girl said that her white hands were covered with mud.
She said nothing more and hurried home.
Will the scarecrow weep? Yes, when the scarecrow weeps, it will flow to his heart.
I’m not cold with this straw hat.