Mother throws her son in the garbage can

“If you don’t listen again, you’ll be thrown into the garbage can.”
I don’t know how many people’s childhood nightmare this sentence is?
I didn’t expect that parents in Shanghai did

The topic of parents throwing their two-year-old children into the garbage can in the street

It’s hot today
In the video
A little boy about two or three years old
Standing in a big black trash can
Don’t cry or make noise
The boy looked up at the onlookers
There was a woman at the time of the incident
Throw the baby in the trash can
Security guards, residents and volunteers
Constantly blaming the woman who left her child
At this time, the child standing in the garbage can
I don’t know where I am
Staring at the man outside the trash can with his big eyes
The location of the incident was baoliye Shanghai community in Baoshan District
It’s the child’s mother and her husband’s ex-wife
Put your kids in the trash can
Yes, it’s really my mother
Let’s hear what the witnesses say
According to the owner of a supermarket by the road
It happened at about 9:00 a.m. on October 8
A woman rides a battery bike
Take your children to Baotai road
Just arrived soon with a female sanitation worker on the road
There was a lot of noise
“She said she was looking for her husband
The sanitation worker is her husband’s ex-wife“
Supermarket owner’s wife recalled, after two words of dispute
The woman threw the little boy into the garbage can
On a battery bike
Fortunately, it was still early
The trash can is basically empty
Security memories of poly Shanghai
The little boy’s mother left the baby and left
The little boy just cried for a moment and then calmed down
The sanitation workers chose to call the police
Shortly after the police arrived
The mother of the child also returned to the scene for fear of the safety of the child
Mediation and education by police
The child’s mother has brought the child back
Said a resident who happened to pass by at the time of the incident
“There’s nothing wrong with children
But it became a tool for two adults to get angry
It’s pathetic“
After the fermentation event on the Internet
It has aroused the anger of netizens
Children are not tools to vent anger
How can such a person be a parent!
There are also netizens
Although the child did not cry
But doing so leaves a psychological shadow on the child
It’s irresponsible of parents to do so
I hope this mother has a long memory!
This also reminds parents
Even if the mood is out of control
And don’t take innocent children
As an outlet