Xiaohuo ski resort flies out and falls dead

Skiing is our favorite sport in winter. Skiing in winter can not only exercise and increase your physique, but also improve your reaction ability, which is exciting. Test your responsiveness and flexibility!
Recently, a ski resort in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, was killed in a falling accident. A 24-year-old man was skiing in a ski resort in Harbin. He used to play in the junior track, but he didn’t find it interesting. Then he went to the middle and senior track. Results after sliding down in the advanced track, he fell down and died after rescue.
The man had just graduated and worked for two months. He went skiing in Harbin. After playing in the junior ski resort for two hours, he found it boring and changed to the senior ski resort of the same venue. It turned out to be a tragedy. When you slide down from the starting point and throw it out, you lose your skis. The ski resort said that there was no problem with the equipment configuration. It was a pure accident, not a full responsibility accident. The mother of the dead questioned the equipment of the ski resort was not in place, saying that the ski resort was responsible for safety. It is still in the process of mediation.
It’s dangerous to use this kind of advanced skiing. Most people slide over the high platform and fly up, then land smoothly and continue to slide. Of course, some people fall down, but this young man falls heavily.
Because this kind of exercise itself is dangerous, after the boy fell down, more than ten minutes later the staff found out. As a high-risk activity, ski resorts should arrange basic medical staff and ski coaches on site to prevent accidents. Basic safety protection is not in place. I also hope that all tourists can have self-knowledge and basic safety awareness, and don’t challenge the projects beyond their ability with a moment’s excitement.
Skiing is a relatively dangerous sport. Injuries and wrestling are very common in ski resorts. However, as long as you don’t challenge the ski path beyond your ability, you usually won’t endanger your life. Although this guy has also skied in Xinjiang, because he didn’t want to challenge the middle and high-grade skiing lanes, he obviously overestimated his skiing skills, which led to the accident.
The family members have doubts about the skis falling off. They think it may be a problem with the equipment. In fact, the current skier already has the function of automatic falling off, that is, when the skier falls down or exerts too much force in a certain direction, the skier will separate the skis from the snowshoes, which effectively protects the safety of the skiers. Even if it is fixed, the tip of a ski stick can be used to press down the locking handle at the back of the disengager to make it fall off. Or release the locking handle by hand or foot, and the skis can also be removed.
Harbin rongchuang snow world is a famous ski resort, which is relatively professional. After all, the management is also worried about accidents. Although skiing is not an extreme sport, it is also dangerous. It’s the child’s choice to change to a medium and high-grade track, and there are still some unexpected factors.
It’s a pity that a young life just passed away. The equipment and supporting safety facilities of the ski resort are very important. Accidents may happen at any time. No matter it’s your own negligence or the responsibility of the ski resort, you don’t want to happen. Let the court decide who is the responsible party.