My mother

Lao She’s mother is so great, so kind! How could our mother not be so great? We just don’t have such a good literary talent to write about mother’s greatness and kindness!
Mother in my heart is a mountain, a God mountain, a great god mountain that no one can touch. In my heart, mother, has a more important position than my life. Her kind smile will always appear in my heart. Mother, it has the Chinese nation’s five thousand years of filial piety inheritance, and the spirit of self-improvement.
In my hometown, no one praises my mother’s filial piety! Who doesn’t admire mother’s kindness and generosity? She not only gets along well with her neighbors, but also is a kind and good mother at home. I can always hear the praises of my mother from my neighbours.
Every New Year’s Day, Mother always invites relatives and friends to come home for dinner. Early in the morning, when relatives and friends came home, mother had prepared delicious meals. Every time we enter the table, we will find a familiar figure missing – that is, mother! When we eat happily, Mother always runs around. Seeing that there was no food on the plate, she ran to add it. When we finish eating, mother will take the chopsticks to eat. Every time my sister goes to wash the dishes after dinner, her mother always says, “Go play with the guests.” They had a hard time coming home!
This year, my father entrusted someone with a little chicken, which added to my mother’s work! Aunt said that their family had feed for pigs and chickens, and their mother took it without saying anything, which added another heart disease to her mother. He always tells me. Children, when chickens grow up, they must give them to your aunt to taste. When I asked my mother why, she said, “How much is the feed now? How much is a chicken?” One cannot forget one’s origin. Always remember the kindness of others. The grace of dripping water is reported by the fountain. When the chickens grew up, my mother asked me to send them to my aunts.
Every time when I waste food or other things, my grandmother always sighs and says, “Do you know how lucky your generation is, son? Eat without worry, wear without worry. In the past, your aunt and your aunt suffered so much! You are so wasteful that you don’t know how to save at all.” But I smiled at my grandmother and said, “What’s the age now, can you compare it?” Grandma is silent, so am I! Yeah, mothers, when were they, and we? It is impossible for us to appreciate their sufferings when we are in a prosperous age. It is precisely because of the harsh environment in which mothers lived that they developed their strong character and filial and kind temper.
Whenever I go down to work with my mother, I can always hear her gossip, listen to her stories of childhood, listen to his songs of childhood. Mother’s song, is so beautiful, so people recall.
Since my mother raised me, my mother’s healthy body has fallen into a serious illness. In my memory, my mother never stopped taking medicine. But my mother insisted on it all the time. Keep doing things. Every time we advise her to take a rest, she always says she’s OK.
When I came to Chengdu to study, I left home. Mother didn’t give me a gift. I had a heavy bag on my back. Go and say goodbye to your mother. With melancholy in my heart, through the thick gate, the drizzle outside the house, I heard my mother crying.
I was very upset when I got on the bus leaving home. Remembering their parents, they work for their families. Some time ago, when I heard that my mother was ill, my mother called home and said she was OK. She was not ill. When I called my uncle in the evening, my uncle also said that my mother was ill. When I asked him why, my uncle said only one word. You read well, even if you are worthy of your mother. It was only after repeated requests from my uncle that he wanted me to explain why. During this period, my father has been on the three dads’construction site, helping the three dads manage the construction site. I didn’t get out of the car, so it was a bit tight at home. So my mother ran to paint after work, and she could not have been tired. Two jobs a day make mother relapse. Hearing this is not a taste in my heart. I insisted on not letting myself cry, hung up the phone, tears still flowed down. I tidied up my mood, dialed my mother’s phone again and asked her why and why she was so tired. She just told me it was okay. She just needs a rest. Let me take care of myself and tell my family what I need.
Mother has paid too much for me and the family. But my unfilial son has never returned anything to his mother, even a simple sentence: “Mom, you worked hard!” I never told my mother. I often get angry with my mother. When she sees me get angry, she always shakes her head gently, but she never blames me. Her 43-year-old mother, with white hair on her temples, worked hard for our family without any complaints.
Mother, she is like an omnipotent dictionary. Wherever I am, wherever I am. Every night I send a text message to encourage me, comfort me, warn me, let me be honest, decent. I will follow my mother’s advice and keep going.