Kitten Tintin Adventures

Tintin fell from the sixth floor of my house.

Said “again” because this is the second time Tintin has fallen from the sixth floor window sill.

Tintin is my cat. It is said that the cat has nine lives. Last time during the eleventh holiday last year, after we got up, Tintin didn’t turn around the human leg like every morning. After calling for a long time, I didn’t see Tintin coming out, and the balcony window was open. I remembered that Ding Ding liked to sit on the balcony window and look forward to it. The family was in a hurry and looked for a long time. Finally, I found a frightened Tintin in the debris pile on the first floor of the yard. Tintin did not know how to fall in the yard. On the flower pot, the flower pots were smashed, and the four legs of Ding Ding were broken. Before we found out that Ding Ding was hiding there, I saw the talents screaming, the very painful cry, we were so sad. I hurried to the pet hospital at the veterinary station. The doctor said that it was fine. I would be fine. I took a shot and said that it was a hemostatic needle. I sent us away. Poor Tintin, broken left front leg, left hind leg. The femur is also broken, hiding under the bed for a few days, not eating or drinking, no bowel movements, this may be the nature of cat animals, after the injury is the most vulnerable to attack, so hide, like a large martial arts film After a week of hard work, Tintin came out. It used to be a squat in the room. It even became a problem. It’s a problem every day. It’s been screaming for about half a month. The injury hasn’t seen yet. Better, we also miss the Tintin who used to catch flies in the room every day. Seeing that Ding Ding’s injury didn’t work well, we decided to find another hospital. It was a private pet hospital. The young doctor was responsible for saying that it should be delivered early. He also called his master. It is said to be the best cat doctor in the city. The two were playing anesthesia and the upper splint. They worked hard for a long time to bind Ding Ding to the legs, just like a human fracture. After all, the cat is not a human. Tintin hates the plaster on his legs. After anesthesia wakes up, he keeps using it. The mouth bite, gave it a collar that was the same as the European nobility, and separated his mouth, so that the time to save the gypsum was extended as much as possible, so that the plaster was cast twice, and after the plaster, the left front leg of Ding Ding basically healed. Although the retreat is not completely good, the doctor said that it is not bad if it is not shrinking. I have to admire the cat’s amazing self-healing ability.

A few months later, Tintin was as fast as a fly. If he was not squatting and snoring, his left hind leg was hovering. I really couldn’t see that Tintin had a disability in his body. Watching it bounce and fly, attend a Paralympic Games. No problem, Xu is so good that the scars have forgotten the pain. Tintin started to look outside the balcony window. The difference is that it has not gone to the narrow place on the left side of the window sill. It is all along the right side of the window. We also I felt Ding Ding’s note, and slowly relaxed my vigilance. A few days ago, when we were drying our clothes, it sat down on the window sill. Poor Ding Ding had never left the door since she broke the milk and said that the cat is love. Free animals, for Tintin, the world seems to be the living room and bedroom of our home. It was the last time I went downstairs or fell. I was going to let it play for a while, it was a turn of effort. We haven’t found out that the neighboring children downstairs rushed up and said, “Your cat has fallen.” The family was shocked and rushed downstairs. After thinking about this, Ding Ding’s residual legs can withstand another fall. When I went downstairs, I found out that this time I fell on the first floor of the right floor and found Tintin. It has been scared and changed. I hurriedly checked that it was a little dirty, but it was not hurt. It was a miracle. I looked at the scene of the falling building. It turned out to be on the bamboo raft with thick arms. It happened to fall on the thin end of the bamboo raft and cut the bamboo raft. With the momentum removed, Tintin was not injured at all. Once I got home, I quickly got into the corner of the bed. I was not hurt this time. It was mainly scared. I came out after hiding for a day. Fortunately! Fortunately!

When the kitten got it back, I named it, because I loved to watch the comic strip “The Adventures of Tintin”, I called the kitten Ding Ding. I didn’t expect the Tintin cat to escape the two robbers like the Ding Ding, who always can save the risk. The cat has nine lives, and there are six in Tintin.

Next time, it will fall to the left and fall to the right, but now Tintin is not willing to approach even the window sill.