My mother and I are more than childhood.

I remember that on the first day I stepped into the elementary school, my mother sent me to the school gate. Qian Qian, Wan Hao: “We must cherish this good time of study. When my mother went to school, how can I have such a good condition now! ”

At first, I still don’t understand what this sentence means. Later, my mother told me about her childhood life little by little, I slowly understood the meaning of this sentence.

Listening to her mother, just as she was in the first grade in Suzhou City, she followed her parents’ response to the party’s call to the countryside in northern Jiangsu to “receive the education of the poor and the middle peasants”. So she finished her childhood in the countryside. When I first arrived in the countryside, I lived in the abandoned cowshed in the production team. In the rainy weather, there was heavy rain outside, but there was light rain in the house. In the winter, the north wind blew, and the grass house creaked around, making people shiver. The family managed to survive a winter. In the autumn of the following year, with the help of local farmers, three thatched houses were built. The walls were muddled, the living conditions were very simple, and there were no lights at home. Needless to say, there are TV sets and radios to enjoy. The living conditions are also extremely difficult. They eat coarse grains and miscellaneous grains. They can’t see the oil flowers in the vegetables they eat. The leek can only be eaten during the holidays, so the mother’s childhood is always looking forward to the holidays.

Mom also loves to learn when she was a child. At night, I can only read and study on the dim and shaking kerosene lamp. After I go home, I touch my nose and the two nostrils are black and gray. Although the family is very difficult, her parents still save money. By feeding some chickens and ducks, the chickens and ducks have given birth to eggs and then to the “three generations of stores” of the brigade to exchange some money for mothers to go to school and to supplement their families. My mother’s home is far from the school. There are six miles and there is no means of transportation. I have to go to school on foot. The road is a winding country road. I have to walk for an hour to get to the wind. It’s harder to go. The school’s facilities are extremely rudimentary. There is no library in the school. There is no basketball hoop in the playground. There are only one desk with four legs on the table in the classroom. There is no bench and chair to sit, so the mother has to move a stool from home to school. There isn’t even a decent blackboard. Just put the cement on the wall and apply black paint. Even if it is a blackboard, the learning environment is very poor.

I once asked my mother if there was any movie in the countryside. My mother told me that she was watching an open-air movie on the threshing floor of the production team at that time. Sometimes she had to catch up with a few movies in order to watch a movie. The road went to the brigade department to see it. I couldn’t see it several times a year, and it was a revolutionary model opera that was repeated. It was also a good cultural and entertainment activity at that time.

Compared with my mother, my childhood is a golden childhood. Today, I live in a well-off society with very good learning conditions. Mom and Dad sent me to a provincial experimental school. There is a wide and large playground; surrounded by green lawns; rocky mountains and fish ponds; a strong campus culture corridor; spacious and bright teaching buildings stand on the campus; multimedia modern educational equipment in the classroom … I am learning and growing up in such a beautiful and comfortable environment. My mom and dad also started to participate in the electronic piano class of the Children’s Palace according to my hobbies and hobbies. This enriched my extracurricular life and made my specialty develop. There is a separate room in my home, there are desks and computers for my study; there are many books on the small bookshelf. They merge into a sea of ​​knowledge, I often swim like a little dolphin…

Nowadays, the standard of living in society has generally improved. It is no longer necessary to remember the holidays as the mother did in childhood. There are cakes, breads, chocolates… There are many delicious foods in the refrigerator at home. It is like Everyday in the New Year.

Comparing the children living in two different social environments, how great is the difference in learning and living conditions! I am studying and growing up in such a beautiful environment. I have the warmth of the big family of the motherland, the love of my father and mother, the teaching of the teacher, and the joy of having friends with the game. How happy I am compared to my mother’s childhood!

At this moment, my mind can’t help but think of the ancients: “Black hair does not know how to work early, white first regrets reading late.”, “One inch of time, one inch of gold, inch gold is difficult to buy inch time.” From now on, I will cherish the happy life of every day of this childhood.