Waiting for the next spring

The streets are bustling, with red flowers and greens.

The girl who passed by looked at me sideways, and the gentle smile of the eyebrows drunk the passerby, and I couldn’t help but smirk at her. But she quickly turned around and took the man’s hand next to her, and they saw that they were sweet couples. Surrounded by a castle-like high-rise building in the fairytale town, a flute was heard. The piper leaned halfway on the window sill, and the spider stalked his face. The white shirt called me a flower-like dream. The girl is full of imagination. The big tulip at the window sings loudly.

Suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder.

I saw your enlarged smile as soon as I turned back. You widen your clear deer eyes, beautiful eyelashes like a butterfly’s wing feathers, and quite aggrieved: “Do you remember me?” “Of course remember! Where did you die this hoe?” Have you thought of me for so long? We said that we have to be good friends for a lifetime!” I groaned and reached out and squeezed your nose. “You remember, I don’t know if I am afraid that you forgot me. I will miss you every day after I leave!” You smiled happily, and the corners of your mouth rose upwards, your eyes bent into crescents, and the white skin was The white porcelain shines in the sun.

You open your arms and let the wind pick up your bangs. The wind is mixed with the sweet smell of peach blossoms. You suddenly took my hand, it was as tight as it seemed to let go of fear of running away. “I took you to a place, all peach trees, and now I am rushing to let it go!” “It’s beautiful too! And we haven’t been shopping together for a long time.”

“Every peach tree has a red ribbon that I weave for you, a piece of thought that represents one day!” You said softly.

“When you are not there, they say that you have gone far away and made a very good friend. They said that you must have forgotten me and will not come back. Today I will take you to break their lies. “”

“Well,” you ran while you replied. I looked farther and farther behind the street, thinking that you were pulling my hand, I couldn’t help but crack my mouth.

However, when I look back, you are gone!

The beautiful and elegant streets turned into snow-covered hay, and my black boots were covered with a layer of snow, which seemed to be unobtrusive. The snow fell on my eyelashes, it was a little cold, and the implementation was a bit fuzzy.

I ended up being pulled back from the imagination of a happy imagination.

You haven’t come back since you left. You said that when the willows by the lake are blown green, the swallows of different places will return to spring, and even if the parents do not agree, they will come back. Even if they come to see me, they are willing. . But I haven’t seen you from spring until winter.

But I am still willing to wait for the next spring. Yeah, you didn’t say it was the next spring of the first few years.

So, will you be back next spring? for me.