Different Labor Day

Today is May 1st Labor Day. I participated in the “survival challenge” activities of Wenzhou Daily Ou Net journalists.
In the morning, I got up early and rushed to Ma’an Chi Park. Unexpectedly, there were many young journalists waiting there. Fifty-five journalists were randomly divided into nine groups, six in each group, plus two parents of volunteers, and each group was asked to name its own team. I was divided into the second group, our team name is “Running Team”.
After the team display and division of labor, the first task card we received was to go to the Xie Lingyun Memorial Hall. We also had to sell the goods we received along the way. This is our source of lunch. On the way to the memorial hall, there is still a difficult task, to find five different groups of statues, and our team. All members should pose like statues for photography. But when we arrived at the gate of Xie Lingyun Memorial Hall, our group found four groups of statues. At this time, the mysterious man appeared, prompting us to find it in Zhongshan Park. We hurried to Zhongshan Park and found the statue. It turned out that a mother was holding two lovely angel babies. We completed the first pass. In the memorial hall, we completed the answer and word-to-word game. We got the second task card and found the South Opera Museum. This museum is really unheard of, but one of our classmates even knows that Shuomen is a great place to learn more about Wenzhou’s local culture. Along the way from Zhongshan Park, we walked for more than half an hour, selling things to make money along the way. At first, I dared not hawk. Later, when I succeeded in selling the first thing, I became bold. Although the road is very tired, but we are reluctant to ride, reluctant to spend money, along the way we have to complete the search for three people with the same surname to take pictures together. We were the first to arrive at the Nanxi Opera Museum. We completed the task of breaking through the customs, and received the third task card.
It’s over 11 o’clock at noon. It’s lunchtime. In order to save money, complete the meal standard, have good meat and nutrition, we ordered noodles, two bowls, after lunch we went to complete the task on the third task card, the request is to go to Songtai Square, on the way to learn a Wenzhou dialect, and then to sing Wenzhou nursery rhymes, while there are 10 people to watch. This task is very challenging, but we also completed it with the cooperation of passers-by.
The final task is to return to the saddle pool park, we walked for a long time, very tired, so spent 19 yuan to ask parents of volunteers to take the bus back to saddle pool park, completed the task card task, and then into more than 50 bags of paper towels to sell. It was just over 2 p.m., there were many people in the park, and the paper towels were sold out soon. We earned all the money we spent. After deducting the cost of handing in 30 yuan items, we got 167.5 yuan more, and each of us got 24 yuan (there was a little sister in the team, who made a lot of effort, and we also gave her a share), which is the most I have earned in history. Once, I was so happy.
Invincible Wind and Fire Wheel is our ultimate game, after a day of living together, our group of six students have already had a tacit understanding, we divide the work and stick newspapers, and then according to the height of different stations, passwords, slowly forward to deliver newspapers, one-time completion of the game. Our group won the first prize in this activity. This first place is not easy to come by. We need our team to cooperate well and work together.
Today, I had a different May Day from previous years. I was very tired at the end of the day, but I gained a lot. Team spirit is very important. Communication is very important. It’s very difficult to make money. I can’t spend money arbitrarily in the future.