My Reading Experience

I have been a good baby from school until the third year of senior high school. I haven’t read any extra-curricular books except textbooks. What counts as extra-curricular books is the story meeting of small books. After high school, I was always a good baby in the first and second year of high school. I haven’t read any extracurricular books. Although I know a lot of famous works, I listen to the radio, because I like listening to the radio very much. When I do my homework, I always listen to the radio. So my parents always say what you can remember, yeah, the homework at that time did not know what to do, but the content on the radio is very clear.
After the third year of senior high school, my classmate once borrowed a novel by Qiongyao. I read it once and began my reading career from then on. I remember that the senior high school curriculum was very tight at that time, but I still insisted on reading novels in the dormitory at night, that is, because my grades declined very quickly, in the college entrance examination, I just entered a junior college. Because I was afraid of the miserable life of Senior Three, I would rather go to a junior college than go back to it.
When I got to college, I had more spare time, and there were many small bookshops around the school, so I rented books crazily. I remember that I read most love stories at that time, maybe I was still in the age of dreaming at that time. In order to read novels, I seldom listen to classes in class, so I can only keep 60 points in the exam, because in the first half of the exam, I will put everything down and go crazy to read textbooks. After all, it is not difficult for us to pass in the university. The subjects we study are not difficult, but we are required to remember them. Just stay. Fortunately, my memory is good. At that time, I almost read all the love stories, famous and unknown, have read them, maybe because of this, in the University I do not expect to fall in love, all my life is in reading ah! After indulging in love stories for a period of time, I began to dream of martial arts, so I am also obsessed with martial arts. Novel. First of all, I have basically finished Jin Yong’s 14 martial arts novels, then Gulong, Liang Yusheng and so on. Through reading, I found that Jin Yong is better. Besides the first time, I also fell in love with reading magazines. All in all, in college, except textbooks, all the other books are my favorite, even small books that children like to read. In this way, accompanied by various books, I quickly spent three years of College life.
After graduation, I became a teacher, even more inseparable from books. First of all, I had no experience at the beginning of my work. In order to keep my job, I began to study various textbooks and matching extracurricular exercises. After three years, I completely mastered what I taught, so I began to read magazines in my spare time and confiscated students’books. During this period, I learned about martial arts science fiction, and I found that many students like books I also like. I like Guo Jingming, I also like lovely Tao and so on. Maybe it’s the habit of profession. If I see something with words, I’ll go and see it. Now I like online fiction again, so I can browse it when I have time. I like reading, reading all kinds of books. Reading clubs teach me a lot. Reading a book when you are alone can make you enjoy it. Reading will accompany my life!