First skiing

One day during the holidays, my parents will take me skiing at Wentang Skiing Ground.
Along the way, I was very excited. This was my first time to go skiing. Sitting in the car, I kept urging my father to drive faster. I wanted to fly to the ski resort with a pair of wings.
While I was thinking about it, my father suddenly said, “It’s coming.” I looked out of the window excitedly. I saw a vast white area in front of me. There were many small points moving on it. It was like a beautiful picture.
The car stopped and I couldn’t wait to open the door and rush out. Ah, I finally arrived. The entrance to the lobby is marked by several striking characters, “West Baipo Wentang Skiing Ground”. We went into the hall, and other aunts and uncles would go to change clothes. I took my ski shoes. Wow, it’s so heavy that I can’t carry them. I changed my shoes and felt like a heavy bear. My mother also said that I can’t walk any more. So I learned to slide like a silly bear. Inside the snow field.
There are already many people in the ski resort. I took my own ski and started my first skiing. I put my shoes on the ski board and stepped on them hard, and they got stuck on it. I held up my stick and tried to learn how others looked. But the ski didn’t listen to me, and my feet seemed to be not my own. Not only did I not move forward, but I also fell down a big horse. I wanted to stand up but I couldn’t stand up. At this time, my parents came to help me up. My father told me, “Don’t worry. When skiing, the posture should be correct, the feet should be shoulder-wide, the legs should be bent, and the body should lean forward.” I slipped forward gently according to my father’s gesture. Hey, I really moved forward a little, but I could only move forward a little bit. I was filled with unspeakable envy when I watched the people whizzing down from the top of the slope. So I asked Dad how he could skate as fast and as well as they did. Dad said, “You can’t worry about it. Take your time and get familiar with it in a moment.” My father told me again, “Don’t put your stick too far in front of you while skiing, just a little behind you.” If you push harder, you’ll ski fast.” So, with the help of my father, I skied faster and faster, and soon came to the bottom of the small snow slope. I saw a lot of people taking the elevator to the top of the snow slope, and then quickly sliding down the top, very exciting, but there are many people sliding down the road, rolling down. Seeing this, I dare not go up that big snow slope. I went to the next hill to try my hand. There was no elevator on the small snow slope, so it had to move up the slope bit by bit. When I saw many people coming down from above, they said, “It’s too difficult to go up the hill, but it’s easy to go down the hill. If you don’t care, you’ll come to the horse and lie down.”
Half way up the hill, Dad said yes. The first time I couldn’t go too high, I turned around, posed, pushed with a snowball battle, then “whip” down the slope, I was nervous to death. I was afraid that the speed was too fast. I kept using snowball battles to support the ground halfway, and after a while at the bottom of the slope, I vomited for a long time. Gas, thought to myself: skiing is no big deal. My confidence grew tremendously and I began to challenge higher snow slopes. I skated faster and faster, and my posture became more and more skilled. Finally, I reached the top of the small snow slope.
I was enjoying myself very much when I heard my father say, “Time is almost up. We should go home.” Hearing this, I feel very depressed. I haven’t played enough, but I have no choice but to follow my parents home.
Through this skiing, I feel that no matter what I do, I have to be bold and careful. Some things look very difficult. It’s not as difficult as I imagined until I actually do them. It reminds me of a proverb: “It’s better to walk around and do them by myself.”
This day is the happiest day of my holiday. I’ll go again if I have a chance.