My Chinese Dream

On the first day of school, all teachers and students were asked to watch the first lesson of school. After reading the first lesson of school, my tears came down. When the students came out of the classroom, I was still immersed in it. Yes, both stars and ordinary people have their own dreams. Understand the hardship and bitterness behind their success.
Ma Yun, founder of Taobao, Li Zhonghua, hero of test flight, movie star Li Bingbing, arm-less pianist Liu Wei… They all stepped on the stage of dreams, and their success came from practice one after another. Their success was born in tears and sweat. My dream is also destined to be inseparable from sweat and tears, my dream, the Chinese dream!
What I remember most is that Uncle Liu Wei, an arm-less pianist, admired me very much. Uncle Liu, who was shaken and disabled by electric shock after an hour, did not give up and pursued his dream. After several years of hard work, he miraculously played the beautiful piano sound with his feet and finally became a pianist.
Seeing this, I am thinking: ah, it is amazing that a person who has lost both hands can still play such wonderful music with both feet. I am a person with sound limbs. Since a person without both hands can realize his dream, I should study hard, make progress every day and do it in the future. Useful people.
From Uncle Liu, I understand that the door to success is always hidden. Only by continuous efforts, continuous learning and strong will can we overcome any difficulties and realize our dreams.
Today’s society is a society of high-tech and talented people. People compete with each other at all costs to get noble jobs and careers. In the future, who will I be? My dream,Chinese dream!
I want to be a detective, a world-famous detective, like Holmes. I am a potential detective. I will solve all kinds of difficult cases, find out the results from one detail, and push peace to the whole world. My dream, the Chinese dream.
In the future, I may be a powerful scientist, the moon, Mars… Make our home. I’ll develop all kinds of artificial organs, where the problem is like assembling a bicycle and replacing it with a new part, so that people can live for a long time. My dream, the Chinese dream.
In ancient times, there were tens of millions of puzzles to be solved, waiting for millions of future people to solve. In the future, I may be an excellent archaeologist. I will discover all kinds of strange phenomena, let the truth be in my hands, let the answers be made public, let them roam in the mystery of ancient times.
In the future, I may be an astronaut, an outstanding cartoonist, a prophet looking forward to the future… In short, in the future life and learning, I have many things not actively strive for, always give up halfway, I should learn from the disabled uncle, learning his indomitable, unremitting spirit. At the same time, I also understand: Dreams and sweat are linked, only continuous efforts, perseverance can be successful.
I will light up success with my dream, let success open my beautiful life! My dream, Chinese dream!