My Mid-Autumn Festival

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival I had a very happy time. It’s an incomparable festival!
Just after celebrating the 60th anniversary of the National Day, we also celebrated the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Every festival, we miss our relatives and send our lovesickness to our grandmother’s home in the countryside. This Mid-Autumn Festival, we all met to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Because the two uncles are working in the field, coupled with busy work, it is very difficult to get together on weekdays. I am full of expectations when I think about meeting long-lost relatives soon. The wheels were spinning, but I still felt a little slow. As soon as I arrived at Grandma’s door, I could not wait to jump out of the car. What I saw in front of me was a familiar and friendly smiling face. Originally, my aunt, uncle and aunt had been waiting for us at Grandma’s house. All of us were here.
The long-awaited time finally arrived. In the evening, Grandma put the prepared food and fruit on the courtyard table. It was very rich. That big red lobster, roasted pork, green vegetables, yellow corn cakes, white-cut chicken, braised crucian carp and the red glow. Apples, yellow pears and a string of pearly purple grapes give off an attractive fragrance… But we still like the round moon cake in the middle of the table most, because it symbolizes reunion and auspiciousness. The whole family sits together, old and young, talking and laughing. It’s so lively! A breeze blows, bringing blossoms of fragrance. Oh, “Osmanthus fragrance in August”, originally “Wu Gang holds out Osmanthus wine” to cheer up. Smell the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, you all look up to the sky, the moon has risen, how can I have the heart to taste these delicious dishes? Because I am anxious to see the moon… On the roof of Grandma’s house, the sky is high and cloudy, the wind is clear and the moon is bright, the sky is beautiful, tonight is really the best time to enjoy the moon. Look at the moon rising higher and higher, and finally revealed her round face, like a silver platter hanging high in the sky, her bright silver shine to the earth. At this time, trees, villages and fields seem to be covered with a layer of silver gauze, we seem to be in a wonderful fairyland! “Let’s taste the moon cakes!” Grandma’s loud greeting, so that everyone wakes up like a dream, when Dad proposed to recite the poems about the moon, said that you can eat the moon cakes. He began by chanting aloud: “A pot of wine in the flower room, without a blind date. Raise your glass and invite the moon to make three people in the picture. I said proudly, “When is the moon coming, ask the sky for wine…” My cousin went on shaking his head and said, “There is a bright moon on the sea, and the horizon is at this time…”
We ate sweet mooncakes, smelled the fragrance of osmanthus, and enjoyed the bright moon. What a beautiful night! I felt very happy and happy when the whole family got together. Yeah, looking at the full moon, I can’t help feeling ups and downs and thinking. This year’s Mid-Autumn Night, why is the moon exceptionally round and bright? That’s because October 1st just past is our motherland’s sixtieth birthday, our great motherland has gone through sixty years of ups and downs, has developed very strong, people’s lives are happier and society is more harmonious. Only by cherishing the hard-won good life can we have this reunion every year. This is not the full moon, people are more round? On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, let’s wish our great motherland is like the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, rising step by step, more brilliant!
Time flies fast and the night is dark. I miss this beautiful night very much. I hope all the children can have such a wonderful night.
This is really a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!