Five games! IG defeated TES to become LPL’s third promotion to S9

The second day of S9, the iG team defeated the JDG team to advance yesterday. The momentum is booming. Today’s opponent is also the strong TES team. The two sides fought five games and the players were nervous. In the end, iG defeated TES by virtue of the toughness of the old team and became the third team in LPL to advance to S9 World Final. Congratulations on iG!
First game: TES got some advantages in the early stage, controlling the first dragon and the canyon pioneer, but when pushing forward the middle way, TES was a little reckless. The iG swordsman rushed to help the team make a 0-3 pull back and hold the central tower. In the mid-term regiment battle, iG lost successively and was killed by TES on the road. TES succeeded in winning the first dragon, but when it pushed up the ground, iG found the opportunity to kill the regiment. Later, it entered the rhythm of IG, took the second dragon and then destroyed TES and pushed down the highland of the middle road. The third Dragon Regiment, IG Chiana cut into the back row perfectly, cooperated with Sword Devil to kill TES Lucian once more, IG Regiment killed TES wave to end the game!
The second game: iG won a huge advantage in the early stage of the road, and TES pulled back some situation in the mid-term, but the second fire dragon group iG directly played 0 for 5 groups to destroy TES. Subsequently, iG two reckless groups were killed by TES, TES took the dragon and the second water dragon. With the growth of TES’s dual C equipment, TES won the battle and pushed down the highland. The third dragon group TES Xia played a brilliant live to the end, TES took down the dragon to break the iG highland, and then hit 1 for 4, a wave of pushing off the base to complete the turnaround.
Third game: In the early stage, iG chose to go on the road, killing Karma many times, and the advantage of iG on the field was greater. Then iG started to grasp the single rhythm, killing TES soldier in the field area, plundering map resources, and pushing out TES towers. TES Novo found a wave of opportunities to choose to go strong, but his teammates failed to keep up, and iG Chiana came in perfectly around the back to help iG play 1-4 to win the dragon.
Then iG carries dragon buff to divide, TES does not have too good method. After iG took down the two roads of TES, TES pig sister reluctantly opened the regiment, but was IG out of the group and ended the game.
The fourth round: TES is mainly on the road in the early stage while IG is on the way down. Both sides guarantee their advantages along the way. TES has eaten most of the outer tower coating to gain economic lead and pushed forward many times in the mid-term. iG’s tenacious resistance has found many opportunities to recover its disadvantage. Later, the TES prince found the opportunity to kill the spider, IG took the lead in reducing the number of players and then the regiment was unable to resist. The TES regiment ended the game with an iG wave and equalized the score.
The fifth game: after the defeat of the match, iG made a quick adjustment. In the early stage, TES invaded the pig sister wild area and helped the online establishment of its advantages. In the mid IG, ye Fu repeatedly searched for opportunities, successfully opened the regiment to help the team pull back the disadvantages and took the big dragon, and later IG got the big dragon and pushed it into the IG mode. Highland wins the game. IG beat TES 3-2 to become the third LPL team to advance to the S9 global finals!