Maotai’s market value is 1.5 trillion

Maotai liquor is one of the well-known brand liquors, and Maotai liquor is also very popular in the market. Of course, investors will pay more attention to the stock price of Maotai, but recently there is news that the market value of Maotai is 1.5 trillion. What is the specific situation? Maotai’s share price has reached a new high
Different stocks will be concerned, liquor stocks, Maotai stock is one of the concerned stocks, the operation and development of Maotai company will affect the company’s share price, so this Guizhou Maotai stock price has reached a new high, how much is the price of Maotai stock in Guizhou? On September 24, Guizhou Maotai Stock Market (600519.SH) opened high, closing at 1184 yuan, an all-time high of 3.05%, with its total market value approaching 1.5 trillion yuan. As the highest-priced stock in China’s A-share market, the market value of Guizhou’s Maotai circulation was about 1487.3 billion by the end of the market. It was the first time to be the champion of A-share market, 4.4 billion more than ICBC, the former champion of A-share circulation market value. In Guizhou Maotai all the way up the market, liquor stocks generally rose and strengthened, collective red. Industry insiders analysis, Guizhou Maotai stock price rose sharply, or its recent release to distributors of the “Notice” related. It is reported that the notice of Maotai in Guizhou Province said that the planned volume of the fourth quarter will be implemented ahead of schedule, which means that the market will stabilize the price of Maotai liquor on the premise of volume release, and the net profit of the company will be greatly increased in the third quarter. Sept. 25, in early trading today, Maotai (600519) rose 0.38% to 1188.50 yuan, a new record.