iPhone11 increases production

On October 5th, according to the Nikkei Asian Review, Apple has asked suppliers to increase production of their new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series by up to 10%. As Apple seeks to meet unexpected demand, the increase in production will increase the current production plan by 8 million units.

The increase in orders for the iPhone 11 series confirms the new strategy of Apple CEO Tim Cook, which attracts budget-conscious consumers with low-cost models as the global economy weakens. The increase in orders was mainly from the cheapest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models; Apple’s order for Pro Max was slightly reduced.

The Nikkei quoted a source as saying, “Before, Apple’s order was quite conservative,” the order size is lower than last year’s new iPhone model. The recent surge in iPhone orders has focused on the cheapest iPhone 11 models and iPhone 11 Pro models, and Apple has slightly lowered its orders for the high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max.

However, suppliers are still cautious and they are worried that the increase in orders will not last.

For Apple, it is not unusual to gradually increase orders. However, it can be seen that Apple has evaluated the new product and prepared for the holiday shopping season. According to earlier news, the new iPhone sales in the second half of the year will be as much as 75 million.

Every year, the eleventh is the promotion of major e-commerce companies. Will the iPhone 11 increase the price by increasing the price? Anyway, I have already bought it. I will not find it. I am looking for a signal.