Unfavourable Year of the Sheep

Soybean seedlings seem to have lost the whole world in one day.
First with the laborers, of course, it should now be considered that the former laborers had carefully estimated their property and handed it over to the court for distribution. Then they went to a local hot pot shop happily and happily. Just as the couple sneaked into a restaurant to celebrate their marriage, they celebrated their divorce again.
The former laborer said, “Take care of yourself in the future, if there are cockroaches, don’t shout and nobody catches them for you; don’t throw rat medicine at home, the rats are alive; don’t stand on the bench and hold the bamboo pole outside while drying clothes, remember that you live on the 7th floor, and there is no man pulling your hand back to keep you from falling down, in case it happens, somebody else will fall down. I thought you couldn’t get divorced and committed suicide. Don’t weigh in Libra, because it’s light in the morning and heavy in the evening. How many times have you talked to me? You still rush to hit me in the evening and say you’re fat again. I haven’t been able to understand why you lost weight because I tortured you, and you gained weight because I tortured you? “Dou Miao laughed and said, because you made me puffy.
“Also, divorced you are a free woman, but in line with your own responsibility, your ex-husband responsible, please do not casually love, in case you accidentally find a small garbage like Leonardo, neither handsome nor tall, very lose your ex-husband’s face, as if you weasel nest, a nest is not as good as a nest. Love is risky. You need to be cautious when entering the market. “Dou Miao looks cautious and obedient and says yes on his own initiative, then suddenly raises his head.” Do you think you can find someone darker than your teeth in the world? “My ex-husband disdained to say that it was a disguise made by smoking for more than 10 years to prevent women from harassing me all day. I have been reluctant to wash, alas, it’s really troublesome, and I’m single again. It’s time to go back to the days when women chased them everywhere.
Bean seedlings slid into the door and shoved their shoes high into the sky. Watching the shoes fly directly into the kitchen door, “shooting”, Bean seedlings are very proud. “Please, if you want to marry again, please don’t perform your stunt in front of your new boyfriend after three years of hard work. Today is not bad, there is no bone soup on the table, but remember the terrible experience of the last time you kicked your shoes into the bone soup and forced me to drink it? Amitabha Buddha, fortunately I pulled out, and I will be glad to see other men endure this kind of pain in the future. The ex-husband followed in. Although divorced, they have to live under the same roof for six months until the house is sold.
“Why am I so unlucky? After divorce, you have to listen to your nagging all day. You still don’t understand the main reasons for our divorce. One is that you are too fond of playing games. The other is that your nagging grows in the form of N-th power on the basis of age.
Dou Miao went straight into the study and turned on the computer to surf the internet. “Can you put down the bag on your shoulder and surf the Internet again?” If you change your clothes, you’d better take a bath. Otherwise you’ll carry your bag like this until three o’clock in the middle of the night. “The ex-husband continued to work tirelessly to transform the soybean seedlings in the last half year,” do your P job. Who do you think you are still mine? In the past, I dared not say back to you when you held the qualification certificate of the national method. Today I am not afraid of you. I want to do whatever I want. “Bean seedlings do not return.” I am responsible to you, from my post to the present six years have not been able to transform you, you still litter waste, sewage, the last six months of the rectification period, in case of repeated failure, I can not explain to your successor husband that I am not strict management, as if I lost the wheat city. “Dou Miao sneered at me:” Hum, laid-off workers are old factory, do not pay wages still watch the factory area ah? Rest assured, when foreign capital is introduced and white-collar workers are recruited, there will naturally be people to take care of the garden. Perhaps foreign management skills have improved, so that the old looks may not necessarily be changed.