15th anniversary of world of Warcraft

A few days ago, Blizzard Carnival released a lot of videos, including information about the rise of the latest version of shadow in world of Warcraft. Today is the 15th anniversary of world of Warcraft. The official said a long time ago that there will be a limited mount for this year’s 15th anniversary. So let’s quickly understand how to obtain this limited mount!
How to obtain the world of Warcraft death wing mount
One sentence introduction: in the 15th anniversary celebration time, in the form of a team, through the time roaming mechanism, you can defeat the following 9 bosses to get
The burning expedition
Vaqi of viper Temple
Archimonde in the battle of Mount Hyjal
Kelthas in storm fortress
Wrath of the Lich King
Hilgai of naxamas
Anubarak tested by the Crusaders
Lich King of Icecrown fortress
Fission of the earth
Gogall of Twilight fortress
Nefarian of black wing blood ring
Ragnaros in the land of fire
Blizzard has now officially determined the 15th anniversary activity date of all servers: USF 2019.11.5-2020.1.7, euroservice 2019.11.6-2020.1.8, ASF 2019.11.7-2020.1.9, that is, players have nearly two months to complete the task to obtain the wings of death mount, which can be said to be a mount by hand. But if you miss these two months, you will never have the chance to get the death wing mount again. Don’t miss is a mount that you can never get if you miss it. It’s not rare but you can’t get it again.
I can’t help but sigh here. It seems that it’s not easy to get the wings of death mount. In the time roaming mechanism, we need to do a good strategy in advance before we fight. However, compared with the current second second second, let some new players who haven’t developed these classic boss experience the fun of opening up.