Liu Chuanzhi retired at the age of 75

On December 16, Liu Chuanzhi, founder of Lenovo Group and chairman of Lenovo holdings, will announce his retirement on Wednesday (December 18).
In response, Lenovo holdings related people told surging journalists: everything is subject to the announcement.
According to surging news reporters, Lenovo holdings may make an official announcement after hours on December 18. In addition to Liu Chuanzhi’s announcement of retirement, Zhu Linan, 57, President of Lenovo holdings, will also announce his resignation. Lenovo holdings will hand over the stick to a young management team led by Ning min, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Lenovo holdings.
It is reported that earlier this year, Liu Chuanzhi had the idea of retiring, and announced his retirement when all parties are ready at the end of the year.
Liu Chuanzhi was born in 1944 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, and graduated from the military Telecommunication Engineering College of the people’s Liberation Army (now known as Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology) in 1966.
In 1984, Liu Chuanzhi and other 11 researchers started from a small bungalow less than 20 square meters in the Computing Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and successively created a number of leading enterprises, such as Lenovo Group, Junlian capital, Hongyi investment, etc.
Among them, Lenovo Group acquired IBM PC business in 2004 and gradually grew into the largest PC company in the world. In 2017, Lenovo Group ranked 226th in Fortune Global 500. Junlian capital, Hony investment and Lenovo star have also become famous brands in China’s investment industry.
In February 2009, when Lenovo Group was in trouble, Liu Chuanzhi returned to Lenovo Group as chairman, helping the company through the most difficult period and reversing the situation. In November 2011, Liu Chuanzhi retired from the post of chairman of Lenovo Group and focused his personal energy on Lenovo holding, the parent company.
In 2018, Liu Chuanzhi was awarded the title of “reform pioneer” by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council as a “pioneer of science and technology industrialization”.
Zhu Linan, who is expected to step down this time, joined Lenovo in 1989. Now he is the president, executive director and member of the Executive Committee of Lenovo Holdings Co., Ltd. and is fully responsible for the strategy and business development of Lenovo holdings. Zhu Linan is also chairman of Junlian capital. In 2001, he founded Lenovo investment (later renamed Junlian capital), a venture capital business of Lenovo holdings.
Ning min, 50, who is expected to take over this time, graduated from Renmin University of China. He joined Lenovo in 1991, and now he is senior vice president and chief financial officer, executive director and member of Executive Committee of Lenovo Holding Co., Ltd.
Ning min is responsible for the company’s finance and capital, capital operation, risk control and audit, capital market and public relations, and presides over the operation and management of financial investment business.