Dr. Peng Yinhua’s wife speaks

On the morning of February 21, there was a light rain in the sky of Wuhan.
In front of the outpatient building of the first people’s Hospital in Jiangxia District, 12 engines of the first-aid vehicle undergoing ultraviolet disinfection roared, as if they were sobbing for the departure of Peng Yinhua, who had fought side by side in the building.
At about 14:00, the reporter came to the place where Peng Yinhua had fought – Jiangxia District First People’s Hospital / Xiehe Jiangnan hospital.
On the morning of the 21st, the hospital emptied conference room 1 on the fifth floor and built a simple Memorial Hall.
“Push the marriage period, go to the battlefield, show the responsibility of the doctor;
Wipe away tears, fight against disease and show the image of anti epidemic in Jiangnan. “
Liu Chengyun, the hospital’s president, wrote in the memorial message.
After Peng Yinhua’s death, Jiangxia District declared martyrs for him overnight and applied for work injury for him.
Wedding invitations that didn’t come out in time
On January 21 (December 27), Peng Yinhua’s Department of respiratory and critical care medicine became the second batch of front-line departments of the hospital.
He postponed the wedding date, which was scheduled for the eighth day of the first month, and volunteered to take the lead in clinical practice.
Wedding invitations, which have not yet been sent, are still in the desk drawer.
During his transfer to Jinyintan hospital, department director Chen Hao and his colleagues have been concerned about his condition.
Daily communication with him, his wife has been pregnant for six months, colleagues joked that if there is no epidemic is married.
After the epidemic is over, we can choose a new day. Maybe the family of three will go to the wedding stage together.
Privately, colleagues have been planning to give Peng Yinhua a special gift.
“It’s a pity that I can’t deliver it.” Chen Hao choked.
Wife Zhong Xin: he is a hero and a great doctor
On the first day of the first month, Peng Yinhua fell and began to be hospitalized. On January 30, when the disease became worse, he transferred to Jinyintan hospital that night.
On February 10, the patient got worse and was intubated in the ventilator. At 9:50 last night, the rescue was invalid.
Mother and father-in-law are still in Yunmeng’s hometown. The two old people are very excited, over sad and extremely sad.
Zhong Xin said that he and her husband have been getting marriage licenses for two years, but there has been no wedding ceremony because of the need for standardized training of doctors. The romantic Peng Yinhua originally wanted to make up a ceremony wedding for her on the eighth day of the new year, but her husband has left.
Zhong Xin recalled that Peng Yinhua, her husband, was very concerned about her baby when she was hospitalized, and the two encouraged and comforted each other.
“He’s a hero, a great doctor.” Zhong Xin said to reporters with a crying voice, I am now six months pregnant, I will be strong, will watch the baby health, safe birth.