Report to the guidance group through windows

Central guidance group: do a good job in community prevention and control to ensure people’s home life (source: video synthesis)
Once again, Wuhan residents were angry. This time, they shouted directly to sun Chunlan.
On the morning of March 5, sun Chunlan, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, led the central steering group to Cuiyuan community in Qingshan District and Xiqiao community in Jianghan District, Wuhan City, to observe the situation of community prevention and control and people’s livelihood security, Xinhua reported.
In view of the problems reflected by the masses on the spot, sun Chunlan immediately asked for in-depth investigation and practical solution.
What problems have the masses reflected?
Let’s talk about the shouting of Wuhan residents.
On the afternoon of March 5, the post about the central guidance group’s investigation in Kaiyuan mansion community, Cuiyuan community, Qingshan District, Wuhan city spread on the Internet.
In the video, when the central guidance group was investigating the community, some residents shouted to the guidance group from their windows: “false, false!” “Formalism!”
According to the official account of WeChat, “the notes of Tao Ran”, the residents reflected that the community property pretended to let volunteers send vegetables to the owners, and the actual work was not in place. The content about the scene in the online post is basically true.
Zheng Zhijun noted that since February 11, Wuhan has implemented closed management in all residential areas throughout the city, leaving only one entrance and exit for the community, restricting residents from going out and forbidding outsiders and vehicles from entering. From February 18, supermarkets in all districts of Wuhan no longer sell to individuals, but only accept group shopping in communities.
In order to meet the daily needs of the residents, most of Wuhan residential areas buy vegetables, meat, daily necessities and other materials through community or property group buying. The streets and communities shall regularly collect and summarize the residents’ shopping needs, and organize the unified purchase of necessities. The specific mode of community group buying includes but not limited to online shopping, group buying by supermarket, direct train for fresh food, etc.
What exactly is the problem reflected by the masses this time needs to be investigated.