Li Jiaqi apologizes

On the evening of April 28, Yang Mi, a female star with high popularity in China, came to the live room of Li Jiaqi, the “top stream of e-commerce”. The two formed a “power Qi” combination and started the live delivery of the whole night. She is also the first female star in Li Jiaqi’s live studio to take part in the whole process.
Yang Mi is a famous “poisonous tongue” in the entertainment circle, even his studio, and Li Jiaqi is a real “brother with goods”. I thought they could collide with each other to produce wonderful sparks, but unexpectedly, there were more than 10 million people watching the live broadcast online at the peak time, which was rated as “the most embarrassing one in the history of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room” by netizens.
Embarrassed not to say, Li Jiaqi was still broadcasting when Yang Mi opened a yellow cavity, this immediately caused hot discussion on the network.
With the heat rising, things are getting worse. Soon, Li Jiaqi sent an urgent apology on the social platform, saying that he had said “inappropriate and incorrect words” and deeply regretted it. He said he “must reflect deeply and pay more attention to words and deeds in the future”.
Looking back at the normal live broadcast, it’s so embarrassing that it makes people feel numb.
At eight o’clock in the evening, Li Jiaqi and his little assistant started the live broadcast on time. This time, the live studio is different from the previous one, with multiple scene changes. It can be seen that the brand side is also very attentive.
Before Yang Mi entered the arena, Li Jiaqi told her assistant that she was really nervous. She had been preparing several days in advance. After all, she wanted to see the goddess herself.
At the beginning, Li Jiaqi was still trying to enliven the atmosphere, pulling Yang Mi to change scenes one by one, completing the checkpoint, introducing products, and finally completing the task of carrying goods.
In a small part, Li Jiaqi measured Yang Mi’s ankle, and made Yang Mi the champion of hot search in an instant, enough to see the popularity of the live broadcast.
But when Yang Mi changed his clothes, sat down with Li Jiaqi and entered the second part of the whole live broadcast, the atmosphere became weird.
Yang Mi almost every sentence with “pit”, scared Li Jiaqi can’t dodge. But for Li Jiaqi’s question, Yang Mi also often grudges him to be unable to receive the words. Yang Mi’s various performances also aroused hot discussion on the Internet, which was summarized by netizens as “accepting people, not cooperating, loving digging holes”.
But netizens’ comments on Yang Mi reversed at the end of the live broadcast. Just because Li Jiaqi blatantly opens a yellow tune with Yang Mi in the live broadcast room. She was very alert and did not change her face. She pretended to be cute and passed the exam. She was praised as “textbook performance” by netizens.
This matter also continues to ferment on the Internet. Li Jiaqi, another protagonist of the incident, was “Besieged” by netizens. He thought that it was inappropriate and obscene for him to make such a move to women who were not familiar with him in public. Some netizens even doubted his “nature is like this”.
In addition, there are netizens pickling out, before Li Jiaqi has more than once opened yellow cavity, obviously is a “habitual offender” who does not respect women. According to netizens, it’s not appropriate to talk about this in public, even among familiar colleagues.
In fact, Li Jiaqi has always been praised as “sanguanzheng”, for example, he sent his dog to school as a cure dog, or he once advised minors not to buy goods in the live room and so on.
As a public figure, every word and deed will be magnified infinitely. I hope that after this storm, Li Jiaqi and his team can grow snacks.