Luo Zhixiang, please wait for me to come back

To be honest, no matter which star entertainer, I’m afraid there is no chance for him to come back.
But the latest news about Luo Zhixiang is that he is ready to come back. Although no specific information has been released at present, in fact, he himself has been talking on a certain platform.
On May 7, Luo Zhixiang logged in the media for many times and also appeared in a coffee shop. It can be proved that he has been isolated from the hotel and is ready to start his own business.
As for whether he would go back to Taipei or to his home in the mainland, it is still unknown. But late in the night of May 7, Luo Zhixiang brought us the spirit of his own recovery.
On a certain platform, Luo Zhixiang is suspected to have been assisted by senior officials? Prepare for the comeback plan, respond to the fans’ yelling at midnight and say: please wait for me to come back, thank you!
what do you mean? Luo Zhixiang’s event has had such a big impact. Can we start again after 9 years of hurting Zhou Yangqing’s feelings?
Did he and sister butterfly have a chance to come back? Or Taiwan media will let him go. On the platform, Luo Zhixiang first responded “thank you” and then “thank you, please wait for me to come back!”
The netizen actually made a video of Luo Zhixiang before, but did not expect to arouse the praise and response of the Buddha.
Does Luo Zhixiang, 41, have the possibility of coming back? In fact, there are two possibilities given by more experienced fans. The first is that he has the possibility to return to Taiwan to participate in variety show.
After all, entertainment 100% is his former employer, and he has always been recognized by this variety show, and even described as his mother’s home.
In particular, he and his sister butterfly came out of this program, so the so-called high people should be promoted by Yang Dengkui, the founder of the eight major TV stations.
Judging from the current situation, Luo Zhixiang still has the opportunity to take this old road and continue his entertainment career in Taipei.
But senior fans analyzed that he wanted to get back to the mainland almost zero, just like double ice, the result was positive.
Will you give Luo Zhixiang a chance? Do you think Zhou Yangqing and his 9-year love pay, who in the end suffer some losses?