Five medium and high risk areas in China

In May 14th, 4 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in Jilin province were all associated cases of Shulan. Up to now, the number of confirmed cases caused by Shulan female laundry workers has reached 29, 26 in Jilin City, Jilin Province (16 in Shulan City, 9 in Fengman District, 1 in Chuanying District), 3 in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (all employees of the same unit), and more than 8000 were isolated for observation.
In May 15th, novel coronavirus pneumonia classification criteria were applied in Jilin, and the risk level of Jilin camps was adjusted from low risk to medium risk.
At present, Shulan is the only high-risk area in China. There are four medium risk areas in China, including Fengman District and Chuanying District of Jilin City, Sujiatun District of Shenyang City and Dongxihu District of Wuhan city.
A week ago, on May 7, all high-risk areas in the country were cleared. In the past week, there has been one high-risk area and three medium risk areas due to the Shulan epidemic, and one medium risk area due to the new cluster cases in Wuhan.
NaNTU Cartography: Lin Junming
Coordinate: Jilin City
High risk area: middle risk area of Shulan City: Fengman District and Chuanying District of Jilin City
Shulan epidemic spread again
Zheng Daojun found that the four newly diagnosed cases in Jilin were all related cases of female laundrymen in Shulan Public Security Bureau. There are 2 cases in Shulan City, 1 case in Chuanying district and 1 case in Fengman District. 4 new cases have been to supermarkets, hospitals, barbershops, markets, restaurants, etc. they have taken taxis. One person has gone to hotels and multiple communities for cleaning. The local people are looking for their close contacts.
Among them, case 1 had shopped eight times and went to drugstores, supermarkets, agricultural trade halls, etc. Case 3 had been to the hospital and had been out for dinner. Case 4 is 76 years old and has gone shopping.
It is worth noting that case 2, now living in Xinli village, Huanxi Township, Chuanying District, once went to Fengman District, Jilin City for cleaning work in the whole season hotel for several days, and also went to five communities for cleaning work.
This means that after Shulan City, Fengman District and Shenyang City, the epidemic spread to the boat camp area under the jurisdiction of Jilin City.
On May 15, the risk level of the shipyard was adjusted from low risk to medium risk.
On the morning of May 15, the third press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Jilin city was held in Shulan city. “Jilin release” wechat official account map.
5568 people have been screened and confirmed in Jilin Province
On the morning of May 15, the third press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Jilin city was held in Shulan city.
According to the announcement of the conference, in view of the problem of tracing the origin of the transfer, Jilin City has carried out a grid and carpet type comprehensive investigation on the personnel who are closely connected with the confirmed cases, overseas returnees to Kyrgyzstan and residents in high-risk areas, so as to ensure that no one household and no one person are left behind. Up to now, 5568 people have been screened and confirmed, 686 close contacts of 26 confirmed cases have been traced, including 408 in Shulan City, 553 in secondary contact, and 372 in Shulan city. All of them have taken corresponding isolation medical observation according to the requirements.
The national health and Health Commission supported Shulan to build the national P3 mobile laboratory, which arrived in Shulan on the evening of May 13, and built the tent type biosafety level III laboratory overnight, which has been put into use.
In addition, Jilin city also strengthened nucleic acid detection through docking cooperation with third-party institutions and professional personnel. From 0:00 on May 14 to 8:00 on May 15, a total of 13166 nucleic acid samples were collected in Jilin City, and 6195 nucleic acid tests were completed, including 5012 nucleic acid samples from Shulan city.
There are 16 epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in the export of Jilin City and 18 epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in Shulan city. The 24-hour inspection and control service is carried out to strictly screen and test the passing vehicles and personnel. The personnel who go to other places must hold the negative nucleic acid test report at their own expense within 48 hours and strictly isolate themselves before they can register out of the city. We will resolutely block the spread of the epidemic and prevent its spread.
At present, Jilin City has stopped all passenger lines and tourist chartered cars, and freight vehicles pass through normally.
Coordinate: Shenyang
Medium risk area: Sujiatun District, Shenyang
Shenyang strictly prevents the spread of the epidemic and more than 7500 people are isolated
The number of confirmed cases in Shenyang has increased to 3 after the outbreak spread to Shenyang. More than 5600 people have completed nucleic acid test in Shenyang after 3 confirmed cases appeared, and the test results are all negative. Other risk groups are still being tested.
After the case of clustering Association of Shulan was confirmed in Shenyang on the 10th, sun, a roommate of Shulan, and LV, a roommate of Shulan who had been contacted with him in the smoking room of the unit, were also confirmed successively.
Shenyang quickly launched the emergency plan, carried out a comprehensive investigation on close contacts, personnel from Jilin city to Shenyang and other relevant risk groups, and organized a network of prevention and control. At present, more than 7500 people have been isolated and observed, and nucleic acid detection has been carried out. At the same time, the resumption plans for the first and second grade of junior high school, the first and second grade of senior high school and some grades of secondary vocational school are suspended. The time for returning to school is postponed again. It is strictly prohibited to start school without permission.
Sun Baijun, director of Shenyang CDC, said that this is a new trend in 89 consecutive days when there are no new confirmed cases or new suspected cases in Shenyang. Shenyang immediately took measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Health care, disease control, civil affairs and the units where the three confirmed cases are located, the close contacts and indirect contacts of the confirmed cases were investigated rapidly, and the screening and classified management were carried out for the personnel from Jilin to Shenyang.
At present, 1093 close contacts and indirect contacts have been observed intensively or in isolation at home, and 6434 other risk groups have been observed intensively or in isolation at home. Shenyang issued a notice on the 13th,