2020520 table language

1、 Before meeting you, I have a lot of requirements for the future. After meeting you, I just want to be you.
2、 Thousands of words can’t tell you how much I love you; thousands of mountains and rivers can’t stop me loving you crazily.
3、 My world only has you, therefore, the domineering willful possessive desire gives you, carefully lowly gives you, the restless and frightened eyes gives you, moreover, all gentleness also all gives you.
4、 Want to stand by your side, see you frown, see you smile, you don’t talk, I also feel happy.
5、 They said that the sea in the world is the deepest, clean and transparent. I think they haven’t seen your eyes.
6、 I used to be bohemian, I also love freedom. Since I met you, it seems like a flower in my hand. I don’t want to walk alone anymore. Holding you is the best destination.
7、 Between the eyes and eyebrows is you, between the lips and teeth is you, under the left clavicle is you, all the joy is you.
8、 Potatoes can turn into mashed potatoes, corn can turn into mashed corn, I can turn into I love you.
9、 I miss your past, but I will never miss your future. I am with you now, sharing happiness and sweetness together. No matter how big the wind, no matter how high the waves, I will always be with you and never leave.
10、 The moon on the sea floor is the moon in the sky, and the man in front of him is the sweetheart.
11、 I want to be with you from the unrestrained youth, accompany you to the safe pillow side person.
12、 If it is the rainy season, I would like to pass with you. If there is a rainbow, I would like to enjoy it with you. If I have money, I would like to buy all the roses and dedicate my heart to you!
13、 Sir, if I could, I’d like to turn into a spring breeze in March, with some peach blossom fragrance, and rush into your arms.
14、 One day you will know that buses run every 5 minutes, subways run every 9 minutes, and our love runs only once in a lifetime.
15、 Write as many mountains as you can, write as you can, look as far as the stars, and be beautiful as you can; write as yellow as you can, and the title page is you; write as many mountains and rivers as you can.
16、 Green mountain is not as long as your eyebrow, clear water is not as clear as your eyes, across the mountains and rivers several rains, I have only one you in my life.
17、 I still like you very much. When I was a child, I didn’t look at the production date when I ate spicy food. I was like my parents telling you whatever the reason.
18、 Life is so long, I need a person to accompany, talk nonsense, gather a table to eat, the rest of my life is over, and that person can only be you.
19、 From the moment you came into my heart, I didn’t intend to let you out again.
20、 I will always want to be by your side, with you to spend every tomorrow, there is noise and laughter, flat light until old.
21、 Do not look forward to the vigorous love, do not look forward to what sweet words, vows, only hope in the long term, there is a sentence you do not leave.
22、 You let all the love words in the world if there is a point, you let me scattered fragments of the world are gathered again.
23、 I’m not afraid that we will be separated temporarily. If a good love needs to go around a big circle and come back, then I can also hug you with a smile and say, look, you are still mine.
24、 When you need me, I will be here; when you are in trouble, I will be by your side; when you feel lonely; when you think that all people are desperate; when you come to me, I will give you all love.
25、 Recently, I have a toothache, because I often miss you at night. It’s too sweet. It will cause tooth decay.
26、 Wherever you see a word in your name, you’ll see it. I chewed them in my heart for countless times, and still thought they were just right.
27、 I like the popcorn wrapped in thick caramel; I like the thick quilt in rainy days; I like the poetry collection in the library; I like the beautiful sunset at dusk; I like the monsoon information of four seasons; but I like you best.