Be prepared to send out cases

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Shanghai in May 20th at 1 hours in Hubei, 0-24.
The confirmed case is of Wuhan nationality, Hubei Province, and lives in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. On May 8, the nucleic acid test was carried out locally, and the result was negative. On May 11, he accompanied his husband to Shanghai for medical treatment. On May 18, due to the need for hospitalization and accompanying care, the receiving medical institution sampled the samples, and the nucleic acid test results were positive, that is, the medical institution isolated and stayed. According to the investigation, the case wore a mask when going out.
On May 19, the recheck result of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention was positive. At about 0:00 on May 20, it was reported to the national infectious diseases network reporting system as a suspected case. According to the results of epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging tests, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case.
At present, 22 close contacts in the city have been traced, and centralized isolation observation has been carried out. The final disinfection has been carried out on the places where the case has been used.
Dr. Zhang Wenhong said that at present, the international epidemic is still in the middle stage of development, and China is in the late stage of the epidemic. Symptomatic patients have been fully isolated, but there will still be a small number of asymptomatic patients. At present, it belongs to the digestive stage of asymptomatic patients, better to find than not. He also said that under the new normal of the epidemic situation, it is a high probability event that there will be sporadic confirmed cases from all over the country gradually, so we should be prepared psychologically.