Marry the fiance murderer

Twenty five years ago, a burned man’s body appeared in a small culvert cave in Yiyuan County, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Who is the man? Why did you die? Why is the body here? Who is the killer?
The lack of material evidence at the scene, coupled with the limited technical conditions at that time, the identity of the male corpse has not been determined, and the case has not been solved. 25 years later, the case of the unnamed man’s corpse has been sealed in the memory of Yiyuan people, but Yiyuan police have not forgotten.
On October 28, the exciting news came that the unknown man’s corpse case was broken, and the two suspects who killed and burned the corpse were all arrested!
From no clue to the suspect’s arrest, how many roads the police have traveled, how many people they have visited, and how many sleepless nights they have experienced are no longer important. What is important is that the perpetrators will not go unpunished forever, and fairness and justice will come sooner or later!

The command center of Yiyuan County Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses, and a man’s body was found in a small culvert cave.