Love is in the subtleties

In the summer heat season, the heat is hard to bear, the sun’s rays are not only getting glaring, but also the earth is roasting like a steamer. The experience of sweating every day is really uncomfortable. Don’t say noon, even the temperature in the evening is more than 30 degrees. It is really safe to sleep. A luxury and enjoyment. Finally, the air conditioner that had been in the living room for more than half a year was re-employed. Before going to bed at night, our family did not hesitate to take the bamboo mat on the bed and ask it to “lie” on the floor of the living room, then we lay down on the bamboo mat, wrapped in a thin blanket, accompanied by a cool dream.

However, the width of the bamboo mat is limited, and there are two heavyweights in our family of three (mainly fathers and mothers), but they have no choice but to tighten their bodies, straight and lying, and can’t turn around at will. The desire to sleep before is not to be transferred by personal will. The behavior after sleeping is often impossible to control. When I wake up, I find that I have “occupied” most of the bamboo mats, but my mother is not. Comfortably curled up in the corner of the bamboo mat, Dad is even more “unfortunate”, except that the head is still on the pillow, most of the body is leaning on the floor outside the bamboo mat, if you sleep in bed, I am afraid to fall on the floor. Up. I couldn’t help but sneak a little in the heart. I didn’t have a big place. My mom and dad gave me enough room to make me sleep more comfortably. I had to give up my “rudeness.” Sorry, I quickly wake them up and let them move back to the “safe zone.”

I don’t know how long it took, the footsteps, the door opening and closing sounds have already sounded. I turned over and looked up. I saw my father and mother are washing and preparing to go for a walk. I stretched out and continued to sleep. Not a long while, a burst of footsteps came to my side, then the blanket on the bamboo mat gently covered my body, I secretly opened my eyes and saw a little light The blanket that has been covered on me, warm and grateful to fill my heart…

The care of parents is inadvertently revealed, their love for us is always hidden in the nuances, never let us know. If we don’t carefully observe and understand, we may never feel the heart of their fists. Now, I understand, no matter what we know, parents’ love for us always surrounds us and cares for us…

Love, just beside us, just in the nuances!

In the first semester, I had a high fever for two days. At that time, I only felt that my body was like a fire, and I was so hot that my cheeks were hot.

Because my home is far from school, I didn’t go home. I stayed in the dormitory for two days. As the saying goes, relying on parents at home, relying on friends outside, and my friends have always been pitiful, not to mention the fact that I have just been assigned to work, I almost never know the classmates in the class.

“Have you got it?” What I didn’t expect was that when I woke up from a dream in a groggy way, my bedside was full of classmates.

“Is it better?” the squad leader asked me with concern.

I nodded. “Good… much better.” Looking at the eyes of all of my classmates, I found myself a little choked.

A glass of water was handed to me: “It will be more comfortable to drink some water.”

I still remember the glass of water, it is a very special glass, very sweet, very cool, after drinking, I feel that the heat of the body slowly dissipated. I think it is because the cup of water dissolves into the class and the classmates have too much love.

At this time, love is a light greeting, a concern, a cup of seemingly insignificant water…

Love doesn’t need to be vigorous.