Near Panyu Square, near the west, new locations exploring under the strong wind

The wind has been blowing for a long time, and Shigang has been dying. I saw many people in the forum also worried about finding a place to go. I am also the same. I have been boring in Shigang for many times without gaining. Recently, I started to search for the village in the city as before, and under the violent walk, I finally got something to gain. Do not talk nonsense, enter the topic.
Daisy, about 2 kilometers away from Panyu Square, is convenient after the subway or the drip. Get off at the West Anhui Memorial Square and enter the village along Zhonghe West Road. Zhonghe West Road will be Zhonghe Street. Turn right and go straight along Zhonghe Street for about 50 meters. You will see a glass door suspected massage shop. I went to see two two-year-old women. I know them, but I am not interested in their car age. I ignore them directly. The ZJ at the intersection probed the brain, and there was also a rented house on the side of the road. The door was opened but the glimpse was always on the left. Going forward, there is an old house that seems to be a ancestral temple. There is an open space in front of the house. People often enjoy the cold in the open space. It is also suspected to be ZJ. I haven’t explored it yet, and I’m waiting for LY to continue to explore. Overall, look at luck. I have been there twice. I only met 2 people who were picking up at a time, and 5 at another. The quality is good and bad, the overall feeling is slightly inferior to last year’s Shigang, but still can find people’s eyes bright, I hope everyone good luck.
In the future, it may be windy and violent. If there is a bridge near the city bridge and Panyu Square, I hope to add a friend.