Say goodbye to tears and move on

Little drops of tears, scattered in the footprints of progress. Step by step, the drier the soil, printed with a juvenile transformation.
—— Notes
Every time I see an outsider for hours, I can’t help flinching back, let alone say a word. By the first day of junior middle school, instead of disappearing, the problem became more and more serious. When I went out to buy something, I just dared to say what I wanted, just like the sound of mosquitoes.
That day, my father called me and my brother to him, took out fifty yuan, put it in my hand, and said, “There is not enough photocopy paper at home, and it’s too late to stock up. Can you help me buy a box of paper and cushion it first?” Isn’t this a good opportunity for me to be filial? So I nodded, took the money and took my brother out.
The store I’m going to is on my usual way to school, but I’ve never been in it. I’ve only seen it several times from a distance, let alone know the people inside. As soon as I got to the door and looked at the dim light and empty hall inside, I felt a little worried. The filial piety in my heart was also reduced by three points. Sweat slightly oozed from my palm and grabbed the money. I pushed my brother around and asked him to go in. But my brother was afraid that his life would be worse, but he shrank back when pushed back by me.
Helplessly, I had to hold the money in my handshake, take a step, slowly open the door, and shout softly, “Is anybody there?” Seeing no one answered, I walked in with my head stiffened, and my brother followed me closely. It’s quiet all around. Two computer tables are just on the wall. There are two computers. One counter is facing the door. There’s a door behind the counter. It leads to the inside. The rest are miscellaneous ornaments. Looking around, no one came out of the inner room. I dared to shout a few more words: “Anyone?” Finally, a middle-aged woman came out and said, “What for?” Looking at her attitude, I couldn’t help feeling shy again. I said in a weak voice, “Buy a box of A4 paper.” As he spoke, he handed over the 50 yuan in his hand.
“No, we’re running out. We’re waiting for a few days to get in. You can buy it from another house!”
My hand was still stretched out and I looked at my brother beside me. My brother looked around as if he had come for sightseeing. It’s awkward to stretch or let go. I grabbed the money, went out of the store and ran straight home. My brother rushed after me and shouted, “Wait for me! Wait for me!” I was almost bored, and as soon as I heard his voice, I speeded up again. When I think of him doing nothing, I feel wronged in my heart. Why am I alone speaking?
When he got home, his father asked in surprise, “Where’s my brother?” I didn’t pay any attention to Dad. I just stood there, holding back my tears. The younger brother came running out of breath and said, “Why are you running so fast?” Dad also asked, “Where’s paper?” I couldn’t help it anymore. “Wow -” burst into tears, threw the money away and cried vaguely, “I’m doing everything! He doesn’t do anything…”
Now think about it, I was silly and lovely at that time, just a small matter like this, I suffered grievances and cried out. Memories of the past, my eyes also slowly moist. Slow years, like rippling water, slowly wash away my tenderness. I am grateful for the little things that happened in my life, the difficulties that made me strong again and again. It is because of them that I am determined not to let others see my weakness again! The only place in the world to cry is in my heart. Even though the road ahead is foggy and full of thorns, I will hold back my tears and never stop my pace of progress!