Let me walk away and see you.

I am the continuation of your life. From the day I was born, the spirit of fate tied me to you with a long rope of blood and could not break away. We stayed close together for eighteen years, but because we were too close, I couldn’t feel the real warmth between us in the morning and night of eighteen years.
Later, let me go and see you.
When I was very young, other children were still in the hands of the whole family. When other parents carefully led their children across the street, you took me to the swimming pool and said in an orderly tone, “Get into the water.” How can a child of several years old, even in shallow water, dare to go to the unknown fear? You can’t explain to me the importance of survival skills, throw them into the water, and stop his brother who is eager to rescue him for half a minute, let such a small child struggle, shout and cry in the water. It’s a terrible memory like death. Let me deeply resent you at such a close distance. However, when my 10-year-old coach took me for granted and joined the county swimming team, when I went diving alone in Hainan and lost my oxygen nozzle, I suddenly found that this skill was so useful, and at this time, I was far away from you.
In elementary school, when other children were sitting in the back of their bicycles with marshmallows, and when other parents were preparing delicious meals to serve their children to the table, you matched a shining key to hang on my chest and whispered, “Walk on the right side.” So, the long 20-minute journey, a girl film just in the first grade, so a little bit of learning to go by herself. Because of walking, it takes more than 10 minutes to get up early every day; because of walking, it takes more than 10 minutes to go home late every day. After returning home, there is no smoke, no voice, do homework first, wait for parents to come back. You will never feel how terrible it is to stay at home alone. If you are better than yourself, you will only feel that it is natural. It’s a dull memory like rough cloth, which makes me resent you deeply at such a close distance. However, when I was able to ride to school alone in the fourth grade, when I was 12 years old, I went south and North alone, I suddenly found that my self-reliance was so superhuman, and at this time, I was far away from you.
When you were in junior high school, you moved to other places and left me to study at home. Mother still comes back once a week, and you, even if I was there, may not find time to accompany me. It’s better than you, just blaming me for my homework when I meet occasionally. It’s like a feather of pale and powerless forgetting, which makes me resent you deeply at such a close distance. However, when I was successfully admitted to key middle schools, when I was also stable in high school, I suddenly found that severity can stimulate a person’s growth, and at this time, I have been away from you.
This morning, you scolded me for not buying a compass. You just went to the street and bought the best one.You sent it to the classroom in person, and then turned around and left. I stand in the distance and look at you. Unlike being close to you, I suddenly feel that you have been old for a century.
Father, my dear father, for the past eighteen years, we have been too close to each other to feel the existence of love. Then let me walk away and see you. See how you can hold up a sky of love for your daughter with your solid arms.