With the passing of time, what do I offer a memorial to the lost youth?

Spring breeze carved green trees overnight, taking away the time like flowing water.
The moonshadows are scattered all over the world, and the light is threaded.
Spring breeze can carve green trees, but green trees are not only spring; moonlight can cast brilliance, but it can not illuminate the endless night. Time has gone by in a hurry, and nothing can be said about it. Never stop the pen pole, never turn over the book, never forget the drip.
Maybe this is youth, a little sad, a little nostalgia.
Every day I say to myself, “Second grade, study hard! Third grade is not far away.” The sisters are still as hip-hopping and active as usual. In fact, everyone is nervous and afraid. Wind and rain have gone through three years together, the noise in the dormitory after the lights go out, the rest and entertainment in the VIP area in the classroom, the helplessness and anxiety of the teachers in the office. Is it time to say goodbye to everything?
These days, there are some activities in our school. On May 25, we are going to Xianxian. The chorus students, who are in Grade Two, Grade One and Grade One, will have a very important test for us in Grade Two. So. Learning is very nervous, but what can we do? Every day, we have to spare an evening self-study time to rehearse. Our teachers are very responsible and complain a few words every time. In fact, we all understand that they are for our good. I remember one time to rehearse, I forgot to take the manuscript, this evening self-study is English, music teacher let me go back to pick up, I was stunned. English, English, it seems that I haven’t listened to English class seriously for a long time. In English class, I have been punished for stopping, sleeping, eating, thinking and going to the teacher’s office. It seems more than that, but I know that the English teacher has never given up on me, and I have asked myself more than once: “Liu Shujun, have you given up yourself like this?” Finally, Tao Tao helped me bring the manuscript, thinking about the English teacher, I cried. Teacher, I’m sorry.
Of all subjects, I prefer Chinese, and the Chinese achievement is the most stable, but the Chinese teacher always feels insufficient, she thinks, my potential is not only these. Yes, I have passed the first and twenty-seven examinations, and the Chinese teacher has criticized me. I just bowed my head and said nothing.
Sisters, these words are written to you, less than a year and a half, we are going to go our separate ways. Do you remember the promise I made? I said I want to be a rich man, your future is a gourmet, I have money, we go around the world, eat all over the world, these silly wishes, I will never forget. Thank you, really gave me a lot! Xiao Han, the second sister around me, you have changed many of my shortcomings, we have had trouble with each other, the cold war, deadlock. But the end is always perfect. Lock, my primary and junior high school classmates, you always think you are very smart, in fact, do you know what you are in my eyes? In my eyes, you are a silly girl who often makes two mistakes and calls me “small class”. Lock, thank you for your silliness, really give me a lot. Finally, Junjie, although we usually don’t say too much, but I think you are the really smart girl, you let me know a lot, a lot, a lot.
Mom and Dad, I feel most sorry for you. You have been working hard for me for more than ten years and never want to return. Now, I am learning, but nearly decadent, I’m sorry. I will never forget the warmth of that cabin, no matter the horizon or the Cape of the sea, here is my home forever, I belong here forever.
Youth, is always a quiet moment, time flies, what can I take to retain, what qualifications to retain? What can I take to commemorate my passing years like water?