The tenderness once missed

Dust-laden memories let that pair of gloves come back to my mind again, so clear… Once missed that tender, how should I repay, tears are also faintly shining, my grandmother.
The snow from the whirlwind filled the whole sky. It was so cold that my mother and I stamped into the house and stuck it on the radiator, refusing to let go. Grandma took my hand painfully, it was covered with chilblains, red and purple, and was very beautiful. Grandma’s eyes were full of tears, and she trembled and said, “Ah! How did it freeze like this? I don’t know how to keep warm!” She also counted down her mother. I pursed my mouth and said stubbornly, “Oh, don’t do that again! I’m tired of it!” Mother gave me a hard look when she heard my voice was wrong. Grandma sighed and turned back to her room. When Grandma turned around, I saw tears.
In the evening, I found Grandma was still busy at night. I looked carefully and found that Grandma knitted something with needles and thread, one by one, one by one, with a kind smile on her face. Count it up, Grandma probably hasn’t stitched for years, but today… A few days later, Grandma pulled me into the room and carefully opened the drawer. I saw a pair of awkward gloves with dark blue background and white stripes. There was also warm cotton that Grandma had put in specially. It was very old! Such old gloves, just in love with beauty, how could I take them with me when I was old?! She refused, waved her hand vigorously, shook her head and said, “No, no, no, I don’t want it! Such old gloves, wear out will be laughed to death! I don’t want it or not!” Grandma gently stroked my head and said, “Children, it’s okay, it’s ugly, it’s ugly, it’s good to keep warm. Others, I dare not laugh at you! “I looked up at Grandma, it was full of benevolent laughter… I can’t bear to destroy Grandma’s love for me. But the gloves are really… “No!” I reached out and knocked off the gloves – the gloves Grandma had knitted for me all night – the deep love that Grandma had for me. I turned around carelessly and left ruthlessly. The light left me to see Grandma’s appearance. Between them, Grandma bent down, painfully picked up her gloves, patted, sighed, struggled to stand up and wiped her eyes. A sense of guilt filled my heart, and I suddenly realized that my vanity was driving me to the extreme!
The hourglass of time covered this matter. Grandma didn’t tell anyone about the gloves. Of course, I dare not say that everything didn’t happen. Grandma embraced my mistakes with love and hurt me as much as before, and I became a lot more clever. In the end, I didn’t know what happened to the gloves, where they went, and I gradually forgot about them.
Grandma’s health is worse every day. Finally, I can’t see Grandma any more.
Walking into Grandma’s room, I turned over drawers one after another, eager to find some memories of happy living with Grandma. But there was nothing until the last drawer. The drawer seemed to be deliberately open. I approached it and was shocked. It turned out to be a pair of gloves! That pair of gloves is as dusty as my memory!? It’s hidden!?
“Grandma…” I choked and couldn’t speak.
With the passing of time, this glove may have disappeared long ago, and the memory of Grandma is only fragmentary… How can I repay my grandma’s guilt? Grandma, my grandma.