Liverpool 2-1 Chelsea

September 23, Beijing time this morning, the 6th round of the Premier League concluded a strong dialogue, Chelsea’s home 1-2 loss to the leader Liverpool, Arnold and Filmino scored one goal each, Cantor pulled back for the home team, after the away victory, Liverpool continued to maintain a 5-point lead in the table. []
Liverpool’s strong talkers beat Chelsea
Highlights of competition
Liverpool continued to maintain a five-point advantage: after the away victory over Chelsea, Liverpool still maintained a five-point lead at the top of the league. Croppe’s team not only opened the league with six consecutive wins for two consecutive seasons, but also achieved 15 consecutive wins in the league.
Chelsea are still unbeatable at home: Chelsea have not won at home since Lampard took charge of the team this summer. Today, the Blue Bridge is facing Liverpool and the Blues lost to their opponents. Chelsea fans are still waiting for the team’s first win at home this season.
MVP: Chelsea midfielder Kent is the MVP of this match. Although he has just recovered from injury, the French not only did their duty in defence, but also scored a brilliant goal in attack. His return is crucial for Chelsea.
In the 14th minute, Manet won the free kick in the arc of the penalty area, Salah knocked the ball at the heel of his foot, Arnold followed the right foot to shoot, the ball went round the goalkeeper and drilled straight into the upper right corner of the goal. Liverpool led Chelsea 1-0 away.
In the 15th minute, Emerson was unable to hold on because of injury, Alonso came on as a substitute; in the 24th minute, Christensen took the ball to the straight plug of the midfield line, Abraham burst into the right side of the penalty area to form a single knife, but his right foot shot was thrown out by the goalkeeper.
In the 27th minute, Aspiriquita’s shot from the restricted area sent the ball into the net, but the video assistant referee thought that the offensive Munter was offside first, so the goal was invalid.
In the 30th minute, Arnold tapped slightly, Robertson passed the left free kick from the front court into the penalty area, and Fermino’s header from the edge of the small penalty area came into the net, leading Liverpool 2-0.
In the 42nd minute, Christensen was injured by his teammate when he blocked Salah’s shot. He was replaced by Zuma. Three minutes later, Aspiriquita crossed from the right side of the front court and Abraham headed the ball from the middle of the restricted area to the left side of the goal.
In the 47th minute, Arnold crossed from the right side of the front court, Fermino on the left side of the penalty area hit the right foot, and Keppa threw the ball bravely. In the 59th minute, Chelsea kicked the left corner, Liverpool players were not far away from the perimeter, and Cantor’s follow-up volley was slightly off the lower right corner of the goal.
In the 71st minute, Cantor took the ball to the edge of the forbidden area to shoot with his right foot. The ball drilled straight into the upper right corner of the goal, 1-2!
In the 88th minute, Alonso crossed left in the front field and Bashuyai headed the goal in the middle of the penalty area without defense. As a result, the ball was slightly off the lower right corner of the goal. Chelsea eventually lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool.
Data analysis
Despite losing the game, Chelsea dominated the game at home. Chelsea scored 13 goals in the game, while Liverpool scored only six, but the Blues scored only two, while the Red Army scored three. Otherwise, Chelsea’s possession rate was 55%, 10 percentage points higher than Liverpool’s, 6 corners more than 2 times, 478 passes more than 73 times.
Starting Line-up
Goalkeeper: No. 1 Kapa
Guards: 28 Aspiriquita, 4 Christensen (42’Zuma), 29 Tomori, 33 Emerson (15’Alonso)
Midfield: No. 5 Jorgenio, No. 17 Kovacic, No. 7 Cantor
Forward: No. 19 Munter, No. 10 William, No. 9 Abraham (75’Bashuayi)
Goalkeeper: Adrian 13
Guards: 66 Arnold, 32 Matip, 4 Van Dyke, 26 Robertson
Midfielders: Fabio No. 3, Henderson No. 14 (83’Larana), Venaldum No. 5
Forward: Manet No. 10 (73’Milner), Salah No. 11 (90’Gomez), Fermino No. 9