Female public toilets fumigate and kill

In July, a 19 year old female student in South Korea was stunned by inhaling “bad smell”. Police confirmed that she died in September 27th after being hospitalized for nearly two months. The hospital said the girl died of hypoxic brain damage caused by hydrogen sulfide poisoning.
According to hapskorea reports from South Korean media, in the early morning of July 29th, the girl entered a public toilet near the bathing beach in the Tuli lane. After some time, the girl still could not see it. Her friend found her in the toilet and dragged it out and carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. After medical treatment, the situation of female students has not improved, and they have been in a coma.
The friend later told the police, “She didn’t come out for 20 minutes. I almost fainted twice and vomited a lot because I smelled poisonous gas.” It is reported that hydrogen sulfide has the smell of “rotten eggs” and is a colorless highly toxic gas.
According to the Korean Herald, a preliminary investigation by the police found that there was excessive hydrogen sulfide in the air. Toxic gases are usually released by chemical reactions occurring in sewage, septic tanks and garbage dumps. Inhalation of toxic gases can cause serious effects on the lungs and so on. It is reported that the concentration of hydrogen sulfide detected on site is as high as 1000 ppm, 60 times higher than the safety standard of 15 ppm.
The local government believes that the exhaust pipe of the building has a history of more than 20 years and is the source of the gas leakage. The head of the office said that the septic tank project was under way in the early morning of the same day, and hydrogen sulfide leaked out.
Last December, three workers in a sewage treatment plant in Busan died, and at least seven people were unconscious because of exposure to hydrogen sulfide. The fire department said the workers were poisoned when they poured alkaline waste water into the well.