Harden’s apology

Houston’s Rockets general manager, Morey, made his first voice on twitter on the social platform 7 days, but he did not mention apology. However, James Harden, the Rockets of the same club, apologized today at the news conference of James Harden.
According to reports, 7 at a news conference in a press conference, James Harden, who stood with his Rockets team mate Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook), said: “we apologize. We love China. “
Harden also said: “we like to play there. All two of us go to China one or two times a year. They (the Chinese) have given us the greatest support. We are grateful to them. We thank them for their support. “
Harden apologized shortly after Murray made his first remarks on twitter on his erroneous
He also said: “I have always been grateful to our fans and sponsors for their strong support. I hope those who feel unhappy will learn that offending or misunderstanding them is not my intention. My tweets only represent personal views, and have nothing to do with the Rockets or the NBA.
Moray’s 5 day publication of improper remarks in Hong Kong provoked public criticism. A day later, a spokesman for the Consulate General of the Chinese Consulate General spoke on the 6 day of the rocket’s general manager’s erroneous engagement in Hong Kong. CCTV sports channel, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (11.840, -0.06, -0.50%) Credit Card Center, Li Ning Co, Tencent sports and s
On the morning of 7, the CBA alliance issued an official statement in the official press.
The CBA alliance has unswervingly supported and implemented the decision of the Chinese Basketball Association, and has cancelled all four matches scheduled to be held on October 19-20 in the development alliance of the NBA.