85 year old doctor every day

What is the daily treatment of 85 year old doctors? Professor Sheng Jinyun is the only doctor in the children’s Hospital Affiliated to Suzhou University who has a registration window under her own name. She is 85 years old and still active in the outpatient department of Pediatrics. She insists on receiving treatment every day. She is praised as “the most beautiful doctor grandma” by netizens.
Professor Sheng Jinyun, 85, has been a doctor for 60 years. Although she has silver hair, she still has clear eyes and fluent English. Up to now, Professor Sheng Jinyun is still active in medical professional fields, such as seeing a doctor, teaching, doing research, and even starting a live webcast.
Even at an advanced age, Professor Sheng Jinyun is still very fashionable, and can use the Internet for consultation. “The Internet is really a good thing,” she said. “I used to treat 100 people a day, but now through the Internet, I can use video to affect tens of thousands of people, which is too efficient.”
Because of the benevolence of a doctor, the 85 year old grandmother still insists on receiving treatment, and the number of people receiving treatment every day is about 40. When Sheng Jinyun became one of the top ten doctors in the industry, the hospital stipulated that she had only 15 numbers a day. Every day, patients come to the hospital to see her. These 15 numbers simply can’t meet the needs of patients.
At the insistence of Professor Sheng Jinyun, the hospital had to appease 40 doctors for her, and the number of patients received each day was about 40.
Sheng Jinyun retired from the position of chief physician of the hospital, but she never left the outpatient line. Even if she had broken her bone twice during this period, she could not be prevented from seeing the patient.
A month ago, Sheng Jinyun fell again because of carelessness, which made her movement more inconvenient. Every day, she could only walk between wards by holding a cart and patrol the wards.
To this end, she said: “as long as my brain is clear, I can see one is one. In the past, when I was young, there was nothing wrong with receiving more than 100 patients a day. Now I’m old and I can’t harm my children. “
After learning about grandma Sheng Jinyun’s deeds, netizens have no stingy words of praise, saying that she is a “living immortal”, saying that she is a “doctor’s benevolence”, wishing her “longevity” and “health and safety”.