Jiangxi criminal refuses to swipe ID card

On August 16, Zeng Chunliang, a suspect in the murder case in Le’an, Jiangxi Province, was arrested. Zeng Chunliang is wanted by Le’an police for two homicide cases. Wang Gang (pseudonym), owner of a hotel in Jiaokeng Township, Le’an County, said that on August 6, Zeng Chunliang wanted to stay but refused to swipe his ID card. According to Wang Gang, Zeng Chunliang has been staying with relatives since he was released from prison. When Zeng Chunliang came to stay in the store in June, he normally checked in.
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Scene of Zeng Chunliang’s arrest: being caught riding a motorcycle with a sharp knife and hammer
Three suspects, Zeng Chunliang, were killed in Le’an County, Jiangxi Province. Witnesses to the arrest process, villagers told surging news reporters that Zeng Chunliang rode a motorcycle from the direction of Fengcheng and was arrested by the police at the crossroads of hangqiao village.
A supermarket owner at the intersection of national highway 238 hangqiao village told the surging news that at 4:18 p.m., Zeng Chunliang, a criminal suspect, was stopped by the police on his motorcycle. The police asked whether he was Zeng Chunliang, and the other party answered “yes”, and then the police controlled him.
The villagers who witnessed the arrest told the reporter that Zeng Chunliang was chased by the police after he flushed the card. The police in front of him blocked the road. Zeng Chunliang stopped his motorcycle and raised his head with both hands. At that time, Zeng Chunliang, a motorcycle rider, put a hoe in a plastic bucket in front of the motorcycle, and the police controlled it on the spot. Zeng Chunliang has a hammer and a sharp knife in the plastic barrel of his motorcycle. In addition, a video obtained from a villager showed that Zeng Chunliang, a criminal suspect in black and with a bald head, was held by the police with his hands clasped and a pair of black shoes set aside.
On May 12, Zeng Chunliang was released from prison for the second time. On July 22, Zeng Chunliang first sneaked into Kanghai (not his real name) home in Shandang village, Shandang town. He fled after a conflict with the latter. The police took Kang’s family to call the police and then intervened in the investigation. On August 8, after Zeng Chunliang entered the Kang family again, two elderly people were killed and a 7-year-old child was seriously injured. On August 13, in houfang village, Shandang Town, a village cadre was killed. Zeng Chunliang was the suspect. After that, Zeng Chunliang disappeared in the mountains near houfang village.
In addition, on the morning of August 8, the Gong Fang police station of Le’an checked the passing vehicles on the main road leading to Shandang town. At about 18:55, Du Haihua, a police officer of the police station, and his colleagues in the station were in the process of checking the passing vehicles on the provincial highway. A van truck failed to dodge and knocked down Du Haihua, who was investigating the vehicles in front of him, to the ground. After that, Du Haihua was declared dead.
After the incident on August 8, the police offered a reward of 50000 yuan to the community to arrest Zeng Chunliang. After the incident on August 13, the police raised the reward to 300000 yuan.